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Internet Marketing Podcast is now on Stitcher!

Posted by in News on January 19th, 2012 0 Comments

We have some exciting news for all of our podcast listeners! Drumroll please…you can now find our podcast on Stitcher Radio. We’re really looking forward to this partnership because Stitcher allows you to download our podcast and lots of others automatically without having to worry about refreshing.

We know that someone you were wondering about getting the Internet Marketing Podcast onto to your Android phones, and this is the way to do it. If you go to Stitcher’s website, you’ll be able to download the app (for free!) for your Android phone, your iPad, and your iPod.

If you’re curious, you can have a look here for the podcast page, or you can cut to the chase and download it here.

As always, we love to get feedback so let us know what you think! So email Kelvin or leave us a comment on Stitcher or iTunes.

How Will Siri Change Search?

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As you’ve probably heard, Apple has recently introduced Siri. Siri allows a user to speak into their iPhone in order to set reminders, dictate texts, emails and notes. More importantly for the search industry, Siri does web searches in answer to questions like “is there somewhere to eat around here” or “what’s the weather like in Paris”.

Many in the Search community are debating what this means for search, as asking Siri a simple question will differ from accessing the web and doing a search. We’ve rounded up some articles about the anticipated impact that Siri will have, in particular on local search.

What do you think? We’d love to hear from you. We’ve got a debate here in our LinkedIn Group.

Here are a few that we found interesting.

Siri, Are You Taking Over Mobile Search?

3 Simple Steps To Get Siri & Her Friends To Talk Up Your Local Business

Siri, What Can You Teach Search Marketers?

How Apple’s Siri Could Destroy Local SEO

The End of SEO as We Know It

Movember UK: Penhaligon’s Pop-Up Barbershop

Posted by in News, Working In Search on November 2nd, 2011 0 Comments

As you might have realised from our blog and twitter activity recently, we’re proud to be partipating in Movember again in 2011. The aim of the campaign is to increase awareness of men’s health issues and raise funds for related charities. We’re really pleased to announce that Penhaligon’s are also participating in Mo-mania this month.

WT 0 Movember UK: Penhaligons Pop Up Barbershop

Ever since they treated us to a fragrance profiling session, we’ve known that Penhaligon’s are a unique brand with a rich history and an expert knowledge of their field. It seems that they’re also charitable sports, as not only are the team cultivating crumb catchers this month to help raise sponsorship money and awareness, but they are also opening up a pop-up barbershop at their flagship store in Covent Garden, offering free moustache trims for Movember participants, or “mo bros”.

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Bishop’s Move Support Scope with De-Clutter Service

Posted by in News on October 28th, 2011 0 Comments

We like getting involved in charitable initiatives, so when our customer Bishop’s Move, one of the UK’s largest removals companies, mentioned their proposed campaign with Scope, we offered to join the partnership and promote the campaign online. Scope is a UK charity focused on promoting equal opportunities for disabled people and their families. Bishop’s Move are helping the cause by collecting and donating unwanted items from their removals.

Moving house can be a stressful time, not to mention a massive upheaval, so it’s unsurprising that valuable items can often end up being abandoned, left in skips or taken to the tip. Recycling or donating to charity is not always at the top of the agenda during a house move, but a wealth of forgotten and neglected valuable items often turn up. Bishop’s Move want to use these items to help support the disability charity, Read on

SiteVisibility Have A New Team Member! He’d like to introduce himself…..

Posted by in News, Working In Search on October 5th, 2011 3 Comments

5745247466 c1777a84ab o SiteVisibility Have A New Team Member! Hed like to introduce himself.....

Howdy! My name’s Dominick and today is my first day as a Digital Marketing Manager at SiteVisibility. It feels a bit surreal to be writing this from SiteVisiblity’s lovely office in Brighton, when I’ve spent some time following the blog posts and listening to the podcasts during my own leisure time, but to be now part of the talented team at SiteVisibility and get the chance to work with some fantastic clients is a great opportunity and one that I shall relish.

Now for some quick background information, in case you’re wondering who is this guy that’s hijacked SiteVisibility’s blog this week. For the last 3 years I’ve actually been doing my best to avoid England’s cold climate and work in some slightly more tropical countries in Asia. Most recently I returned from Taiwan about 4 months ago, where I was working for a multinational software company handling their English Paid Search and affiliate programs as well as consulting on their international SEO strategies.

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Exclusive Central London Bungee Jump – Extreme Element

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“Alles vol! Alles is vol!”

It can happen to anyone on their birthday right? Terrified of taking the leap from a 160ft-high crane which was set up in Potters field Park, a beautiful little area in the East of London, I started browsing the You Tube channel using keywords such as “bungee funny” or “bungee comedy”. Too frightened to take a look at any of the extreme bungee footage, all I needed was a little bit of comedy. One of the top search results was a short sketch which appeared on the Flemish Comedy Television Show “In De Gloria” many years ago. The sketch shows a father amazed – or rather distressed – by his family’s originality when they organize a bungee jump for his birthday. Although being terrified of heights, the man eventually takes the jump. However, his fears take control of him, making the bungee an embarrassing event for himself as well as his family. “Alles vol. Alles is vol” [It’s completely filled up]; those are the only words the poor man is able to shout out while jumping.

This was literally all that went through my head on that Sunday morning train to London. Read on

Digital Events Aplenty This Month in Brighton

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Brighton has garnered several “silicon beach” references over the years, and it’s no surprise when you see the number of innovative digital companies based here. In September, Brighton proves its credentials, with several exciting digital arts & media events taking place in the city.

bdf Digital Events Aplenty This Month in BrightonBrighton Digital Festival is an open, Fringe-style festival in which dozens of exhibitions, workshops, performances, meet-ups, conferences and other events are hosted. International artists will showcase their work while innovative experts share knowledge on technological developments and concepts. There are far too many events involved in the Digital Festival to list them all here, so check out their website for a full programme. The festival has been organised by a group of organisations and individuals including technology companies, arts organisations and those with a passion for digital. The aim of the festival is to bring together Brighton’s digital industries and art communities.

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Web Domain Suffixes

Posted by in News on June 20th, 2011 0 Comments

If you’ve been reading the news today, you’ve likely stumbled onto the news that domain names beyond .com and .net are going to be increasingly available in the near future. Here are a few good articles about the recent change in domain names. Icann (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has approved a change in how domains are named. Companies can now purchase a suffix for their website specific to their company. In case you’re interested, Read on

Staying on the Right Side of the ASA

Posted by in General Marketing, News, Social Media & Online PR on May 13th, 2011 0 Comments

As many of you will know, from March 1st 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have extended their digital remit to include all marketing messages and communications online. This covers their own websites and includes social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) are the UK’s independent watchdog committed to maintaining high standards in advertising. They are self regulated and funded by the advertising industry who are required to contribute 0.1% of their media spend to regulating the advertising industry. The ASA’s authority is recognised by the Government, the courts, other regulators such as the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Office of Communications (Ofcom) as the established means of consumer protection from misleading advertising. Read on

Why Conventional SEO is Dead?

Posted by in News on October 25th, 2010 2 Comments

A while back now at Adtech London I was lucky enough to bump into the guys from Napier PR. They, like a lot people at the conference, were interested to hear more about our somewhat hype-y assertion than “Conventional SEO is Dead” they got their flipcam out and we recorded this short and noisy video of me explaining our THEME methodolgy and how that differs from the simple link building of the past.

I thought a few of the readers might enjoy the video so here I am in my favourite Cowboy shirt!