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We’re Recruiting…. Again

Posted by in News, Working In Search on October 21st, 2010 0 Comments

A few of you might have heard us talking on our Twitter account about the new jobs we’re recruiting. We’ve just won a couple of hum-dinger contracts so are on the look out for the best SEOs, Social Media Marketers and Online PRs.

You can read the full details on our jobs page, but here’s a few more details about the type of people we’re looking for.

  1. SMM – Integrated Search specialist – from a marketing background, you will be experienced in conceiving, planning, managing and delivering multi-disciplinary and possibly multi-lingual internet marketing campaigns including SEO, Social Media and Paid Search.
  2. SMM – Financial Services specialist – per the Integrated Search specialist with additional experience of delivering FSA compliant campaigns.
  3. SMM – Online PR Specialist – from a PR Industry background, you will have hands-on experience in planning and executing off and online PR tactics
  4. SMM – Senior SEO Consultant – you will have at least 2 years experience in delivering SEO campaigns with a particular interest in analytics, website analysis, usability and conversion optimisation.
  5. SEO Placement – my client is keen to take on a SEO Placement with a view to climbing the career ladder in Search

How To Use Podcasts To Build Links

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As you probably know a while back we launched a premium offshoot of our hugely popular internet marketing podcast, over this last week on the premium site we’ve been talking about the technical and creative aspects of producing a podcast. So we continued the theme in a all-access free video this week.

How To Use Podcasts To Build Links

Podcasting doesn’t get the love it deserves, if implemented correctly it can be one of the most effective social media tools at building relationships. We show you how and why it works.

This is just one example of our daily training videos where we explain exactly how to carry out advanced internet marketing tactics yourself, we’ve covered topics like reputation management, keyword research, linkbuilding, improving your PPC quality score, tracking via Google Analytics amongst 100+ topics covered so far.

You can sign up here and get a weeks worth of content for absolutely zilch, no obligation, no hard sell, just quality content for nothing -  I hope you find it of use, it’s designed especially for people like you!

Watch the Internet Marketing Podcast Live from #mwl2010

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Below you should find a lovely embedded video player which will hopefully show you all our live coverage of todays event.

Webcam chat at Ustream

Watch The First Ever Live Episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast

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We’re not sure whether you might have already heard or not, but we’re planning the first ever live broadcast of the Internet Marketing Podcast from one of the UK’s most important digital events – The Online Marketing Show/Marketing Week Live on the 29th/30th June. (AKA tomorrow!)

2323304459 587c411559 Watch The First Ever Live Episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast

Image Credit

Our podcast, which we broadcast weekly to a world-wide audience of over 15,000 marketers, will be streaming live across the net for the two day event and we’d like to know if you’d like to get involved?

We’ve already scheduled in interviews with some of the events keynote speakers but we’d also like to reach out to a whole range of other attendees and answer any specific SEO and internet marketing queries that they might want answering on the day.

So, if you’ve already got a ticket then pop over to stand A118 and ask for Kelvin!

If you haven’t got a ticket to the show, don’t worry, all you need to do is visit this page and enter “SiteVisibility”  as your entry code and you’ll be able to get a ticket for absolutely nothing.

And even if you’re not going to the event you’ll be able to watch our stream using a player we’ll embed right here on our site

Looking forward to seeing you there!

#BrightonSEO Speakers Announced – Free Conference July 23rd

Posted by in News on June 25th, 2010 66 Comments

BrightonSEO now has it’s own website at

I have a couple of very exciting pieces of news to announce about the forthcoming #brightonseo free half day conference.

First of all we have an evening venue confirmed. We’ll be returning to BrightonSEO’s sprititual home of upstairs The Quadrant, where Tim Aldis of FreshEgg has very kindly offered to put some money behind the bar, along with refreshments during the afternoon courtesy of SiteVisibility.

This is of course after the daytime element which we will be holding from 1.30PM at Community Base.

But onto the bigger second piece of news the speaker line-up. Read on

SEO Smells Sweet with SiteVisibility and Penhaligons

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Recently SiteVisibility have been lucky enough to begin work with Penhaligons a luxury perfume company based in London.

mqueedt SEO Smells Sweet with SiteVisibility and Penhaligons

As part of the campaign setup we were invited to experience the brand first hand in their Covent Garden branch, to get a real feel for the brand and their way of portraying themselves.

We had all read their marketing material and were keen to immerse ourselves in the brand first hand. So after an early start for us all we arrived in London at the shop and we were met by Emily marketing  manager at Penhaligon’s and our guide for our time at the boutique perfume store.

First impressions of the store were the amazing smells on the way in, fragrances that really do encapsulate ‘liquid emotion’. We sat down to listen to Emily brief us on the fascinating Penhaligon’s history beginning in the Edwardian era with the founder William Penhaligon. The same scent recipies that he made all those years ago are still available as part of the range today!

It was interesting to learn of the heritage of this brand and how London has always been part of that history. Also the way Penhaligon’s sees their master perfumers as the brand ambassadors not any celebrity representation.

Another eye opener was some of the strange ingredients that go into perfumes, such as Ambergris Lumps of oxidized fatty compounds, whose precursors were secreted and expelled by whales, with a large price tag to match if ever you stumble across any washed upon the beach.

Next came our scent profiling a totally free service offered by Penhaligon’s to help customers be expertly matched to a scent that will suit them. We were asked a series of random questions in order to gauge the type of people we were, the service usually takes 45 minutes but in our case because there was a number of us Emily only had ten minutes to match each of us to a scent and she did well.

I was matched to invigorating cologne called Quercus which smells great.

Alex was matched up with Malabah, a semi-oriental fragrance, after being asked Whiskey or Wine? (Wine) and to describe her favourite dress (Black silk maxi dress with large brightly coloured orchids). It was an excellent experience and she genuinely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the experience to a friend. You don’t just get a perfume, you get an experience and leave with a fragrance which is an extension of your personality.

The Next #BrightonSEO will be Friday July 23rd

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BrightonSEO now has it’s own website at

After the success of the last BrightonSEO, I’ve been itching to arrange the next one and I can now reveal that the next BrightonSEO will be taking place on Friday July 23rd.

148674451 adde1f1354 The Next #BrightonSEO will be Friday July 23rd

Image Credit

Much like last time it will be a half day conference and evening social beers, but this time split across two venues with the day-time element being held at Community Base’s SouthWing and during the evening we’ll decamp to the pub (I’m just firming up a few details over which pub over the next couple of days)

Again it’s going to be a free event with interactive talks from members of the SEO community, I’ve already started arranging the speakers, although I can’t guarantee we’ll be featured in the Guardian again, it’s already it’s shaping up to be a great line up, but we still have slots available.

If you think you can talk for 15 minutes on a topic which will interest an passionate and advanced SEO audience drop me an email at, especially if you’ve never spoken at conferences like SMX & SES we want open the floor beyond the usual suspects.

So that’s the low down for the moment, the UK’s most friendly SEO event is back on July 23rd, You’ll get an afternoon of high quality talks on SEO and related topics and an evening in one of sunny Brighton’s finest drinking establishments.

So get it in your diary!

(There will be more update’s here as more details are confirmed, so worth signing up to the feed or keeping a close eye on the #brightonseo twitter results.)

Why We Introduced a Paywall On the Internet Marketing Podcast

Posted by in News on June 9th, 2010 2 Comments

There’s been lots of talk recently around Rupert Murdoch’s introduction of a paywall for the Times, and suggestions that it will be rolled out across all his newspaper titles.

3425899566 f01ef1d5a4 Why We Introduced a Paywall On the Internet Marketing Podcast

image credit

Generally the reaction from most of the digital community has been pretty negative and many aren’t convinced that it’ll work.

I won’t rake over old ground, but a variety of people have put across arguments like

  • People can get the content elsewhere for free, why would they pay to get it from you?
  • Behind a pay wall you’ll get no Google traffic and then you’ve got no visitors paying or not
  • Once you’ve made something available for free it’s very hard to then charge for it
  • The concept of the newspaper is broken and user-generated journalism or solo-journo’s are the future.

And, I’ll be honest, I think everyone who puts forward these viewpoints is probably right.

Why though, if I think The Times paywall is a bad idea, have we very recently added a premium content channel for our popular Internet Marketing Podcast, where people are paying to get a daily training video?

Read on

Announcing the New Premium Content Membership Site From The Internet Marketing Podcast

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If you’re an avid subscriber to the podcast who’s listened to our latest episode, you may have already heard that we’re launching a new premium content membership site. Subscribers to the site will get an internet marketing training video every working day by email, plus access to a library of best practice documents and live video q&a sessions.

We’ve worked hard to produce one of the world’s most popular marketing podcasts, and we know there’s an appetite among our listeners to learn more about internet marketing in a structured way, that’s not part of a pyramid-y ‘make money quick’ spam-fest.

So we thought we’d introduce a membership site where subscribers can gain access to a library of great content and join a community of like-minded individuals.

Screen shot 2010 05 27 at 12.41.34 Announcing the New Premium Content Membership Site From The Internet Marketing Podcast

The site, which can be found at , is rapidilly filling up with in-depth content in a variety of formats.

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Big Podcast News Tomorrow

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A super quick blog post here just to mention we’ve got some of the biggest news ever in the history of the Internet Marketing Podcast to announce tomorrow, so if you’re a fan of the podcast or just a little nosey you’ll want to check back then!