We’re Recruiting…. Again

A few of you might have heard us talking on our Twitter account about the new jobs we’re recruiting. We’ve just won a couple of hum-dinger contracts so are on the look out for the best SEOs, Social Media Marketers and Online PRs. You can read the full details on our jobs page, but here’s […]

How To Use Podcasts To Build Links

As you probably know a while back we launched a premium offshoot of our hugely popular internet marketing podcast, over this last week on the premium site we’ve been talking about the technical and creative aspects of producing a podcast. So we continued the theme in a all-access free video this week. How To Use […]

Watch The First Ever Live Episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast

We’re not sure whether you might have already heard or not, but we’re planning the first ever live broadcast of the Internet Marketing Podcast from one of the UK’s most important digital events – The Online Marketing Show/Marketing Week Live on the 29th/30th June. (AKA tomorrow!) Image Credit Our podcast, which we broadcast weekly to […]

#BrightonSEO Speakers Announced – Free Conference July 23rd

BrightonSEO now has it’s own website at I have a couple of very exciting pieces of news to announce about the forthcoming #brightonseo free half day conference. First of all we have an evening venue confirmed. We’ll be returning to BrightonSEO’s sprititual home of upstairs The Quadrant, where Tim Aldis of FreshEgg has very […]

SEO Smells Sweet with SiteVisibility and Penhaligons

Recently SiteVisibility have been lucky enough to begin work with Penhaligons a luxury perfume company based in London. As part of the campaign setup we were invited to experience the brand first hand in their Covent Garden branch, to get a real feel for the brand and their way of portraying themselves. We had all […]

The Next #BrightonSEO will be Friday July 23rd

BrightonSEO now has it’s own website at After the success of the last BrightonSEO, I’ve been itching to arrange the next one and I can now reveal that the next BrightonSEO will be taking place on Friday July 23rd. Image Credit Much like last time it will be a half day conference and evening […]

Why We Introduced a Paywall On the Internet Marketing Podcast

There’s been lots of talk recently around Rupert Murdoch’s introduction of a paywall for the Times, and suggestions that it will be rolled out across all his newspaper titles. image credit Generally the reaction from most of the digital community has been pretty negative and many aren’t convinced that it’ll work. I won’t rake over […]

Big Podcast News Tomorrow

A super quick blog post here just to mention we’ve got some of the biggest news ever in the history of the Internet Marketing Podcast to announce tomorrow, so if you’re a fan of the podcast or just a little nosey you’ll want to check back then!

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