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AI Digital Cricket Success!

Posted by in News on June 19th, 2009 2 Comments

Well yesterday’s cricket match was much enjoyed by all involved, as were the beers and the sausage rolls – good show everyone!

AI Digital batted first and after kitting up I was bowled for a duck. Bryan did marginally better with a single run while our Batsman of the Match was Damon, slogging the balls all over the shop despite some wild bowling. Damon scored 64 not-out, and retired to give other batsmen a turn. Overall we scored 177 and next was our turn to field.
3458998028 f0bfccd126 AI Digital Cricket Success!

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AI Digital Cricket Squad 2009

Posted by in News on June 12th, 2009 4 Comments

Following on from England’s success against Pakistan, and swiftly forgetting about the Netherlands drubbing, we are appealing for volunteers to help complete our AI Digital/SiteVisibility Cricket Squad.Just have a look at how we did last year.

pyramid AI Digital Cricket Squad 2009

It should be a fun early evening battle against ROCC Software Systems at Braypool, Brighton from 5pm on Thursday, June 18th. Hopefully we’ll be enjoying some sunshine as well as a bit of a barbecue and a few beverages.

Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned pro – this is more about having fun than hitting sixes and bowling perfect overs. If it takes your fancy, please get in touch

Google map ‘Braypool’ –

Has Microsoft got the Budda-BING?

Posted by in News, Search Marketing (SEO) on June 11th, 2009 3 Comments

When I first heard that Microsoft was yet again attempting to launch a search service to rival Google, my initial reaction was ‘why bother?’ Google dominate search, always have and probably always will, and they deserve it. They’ve earned it over the last 10 years through developing increasingly complex algorithms and adapting the search engine to respond well to the increasing amount of multimedia content available on the web.

Now Microsoft unveil Bing, their ‘decision’ engine and plough the field of marketing with a $100 million campaign, in the hope that money and semantics might challenge Google for the top spot in search. But have they considered the consequences of delivering more accurate results through the categorisation for generic search terms, such as hiking up the cost of keywords? Or perhaps it means that all us lowly search engine optimizers will have to adapt our analysis and implementation skills.

image.axd?picture=bing logo Has Microsoft got the Budda BING?

But I wouldn’t worry, the only reported merit of Bing so far is its cosmetics and the ad revenue opportunities the design might open up to Microsoft. The Guardian recently published some interesting data from user experience research agency User Centric who used eye-tracking software to monitor where people looked on the page when using Bing and Google. The results showed that users searching with Bing paid more attention to the ads on the search engine results page. In the study they conducted, on average 42% of Bing users looked at the sponsored links, compared to only 25% with those using Google.

However this didn’t translate to the actual click-through rates on the ads, as this number was actually similar for both search engines. And there are further discrepancies, Bing’s three column design may be more ad-friendly but the nature of these results from User Centric could only be down to the fact that Bing is new, therefore the users were more likely to take a general look around the search engine results page.

I don’t imagine people will be Binging over Googling any time soon, but what do you think? Is it high time for an alternative to Google?

Big Mouth Media Ranking Penalty?

Posted by in News on May 11th, 2009 12 Comments

It might be a temporary glitch but I’ve noticed Big Mouth (who historically rank extremely well on some competitive terms) seem to have been dropped for a number of big money terms like search engine optimisation and affiliate marketing. I’m pretty sure they were on page 1 for these last week.

search engine optimisation google search 12420373706561 Big Mouth Media Ranking Penalty?

Interestingly it looks like the homepage has been completely removed from the cache which makes me think this might be a temporary problem.

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The SEO Industries 25 Most Popular Twitter Users – A Year On, Where Are They Now?

Posted by in News, Social Media & Online PR on April 23rd, 2009 3 Comments

On the 8th of May last year, Kelvin wrote a post on the top 25 Twitterers. Now one year on, we return to see how they’re doing now. Of course none of these numbers are a scratch on Stephen Fry’s 392, 822 followers.

twitterusernumbers1 The SEO Industries 25 Most Popular Twitter Users – A Year On, Where Are They Now?

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Facebook changes that will affect your ‘Brand’ on the 11th March 2009

Posted by in News, Social Media & Online PR on March 10th, 2009 1 Comment

Facebook are about to roll out major changes that will inherently change the way we use Facebook.interaction1 Facebook changes that will affect your ‘Brand’ on the 11th March 2009

But before we talk about Facebook evolving to encourage connection with strangers, or the effect that the Newsfeed’s replacement with Facebook Stream will have on user behaviour, we have important news for Marketers. Read on

Has ITV’s Mantra left them in a trance while Google rules as an advertising superpower ?

Posted by in News on March 5th, 2009 0 Comments

The recession has raised its ugly head again and this time it’s ITV that has brought to its knees. This week ITV announced they will be axing 1000 jobs in various areas of the business, one thing can be for certain the ITV executives wont be using the mantra that television is a “brand builder”, while Google is a “brand finder” as companies slash   Television advertising spend in favor of other advertising avenues, such as online.

3295580372 a328465ee1 Has ITV’s Mantra left them in a trance while Google rules as an advertising superpower ?

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Wired Sussex Digital Media Jobs + Skills Fair

Posted by in News, Working In Search on February 26th, 2009 0 Comments

Today the good people at Wired Sussex are putting on their annual careers and skills fair at the Brighton Corn Exchange from 12pm – 8pm. This is well worth attending for anyone looking to further their digital media career, improve their contact list or if you just want to wander around and wet your appetite.

Brighton has a thriving digital media scene, boasting over 750 different animation, video, games, web and technology companies. There’ll be a number of representatives from such companies promoting their job vacancies, as well as presentations and career advisors on hand to help with all your digital job woes.

banner09 Wired Sussex Digital Media Jobs + Skills Fair

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Site Visibility try Adventure Racing

Posted by in News on October 30th, 2008 2 Comments

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for a while but could never think of anything to write about. I was thinking possibly it should be on something to do with SEO seeing as I work for a search marketing company, but that would just be too obvious…so I thought I’d write about the time 3 employees of Site Visibility decided to try their hand at adventure racing….

beginning Site Visibility try Adventure Racing

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Posted by in News on October 30th, 2008 12 Comments

We’ve got a match report from The Lovejoy…

AI Digital’s crack footie team, hastily pulled together at the final hour, almost triumphed in a battle of wills at the hallowed Portslade Community Centre last night.


Despite the odds being stacked against them (no sub, no practice, no hope) they put on a marvelous show of 1966 style spirit and skill to reach the final of the closely contested Nido Marketing Football Competition (I don’t think it is called this but hey). The team, despite having not ever played together before were on top form, and clearly spooked the opposition.

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