AI Digital Cricket Success!

Well yesterday’s cricket match was much enjoyed by all involved, as were the beers and the sausage rolls – good show everyone! AI Digital batted first and after kitting up I was bowled for a duck. Bryan did marginally better with a single run while our Batsman of the Match was Damon, slogging the balls […]

AI Digital Cricket Squad 2009

Following on from England’s success against Pakistan, and swiftly forgetting about the Netherlands drubbing, we are appealing for volunteers to help complete our AI Digital/SiteVisibility Cricket Squad.Just have a look at how we did last year. It should be a fun early evening battle against ROCC Software Systems at Braypool, Brighton from 5pm on Thursday, […]

Big Mouth Media Ranking Penalty?

It might be a temporary glitch but I’ve noticed Big Mouth (who historically rank extremely well on some competitive terms) seem to have been dropped for a number of big money terms like search engine optimisation and affiliate marketing. I’m pretty sure they were on page 1 for these last week. Interestingly it looks like […]

Facebook changes that will affect your ‘Brand’ on the 11th March 2009

Facebook are about to roll out major changes that will inherently change the way we use Facebook. But before we talk about Facebook evolving to encourage connection with strangers, or the effect that the Newsfeed’s replacement with Facebook Stream will have on user behaviour, we have important news for Marketers.

Site Visibility try Adventure Racing

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for a while but could never think of anything to write about. I was thinking possibly it should be on something to do with SEO seeing as I work for a search marketing company, but that would just be too obvious…so I thought I’d write about the […]

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