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How Savvy Search Marketers Are Taking Advantage of the Northern Rock Banking Crisis.

Our American readers might not know but, Northern Rock the UK’s fifth largest mortgage lender has found themselves in a bit of bother in the last week. Simplifying the story; [tag]Northern Rock[/tag]’s business model relied upon cheap credit which dried up after the sub-prime problems stateside and paniced savers started withdrawing all their money from […]

PPC Tips from the Lonely Hearts Adverts

There’s a real knack to creating great [tag]PPC[/tag] [tag]ad copy[/tag] and it’s an unappreciated art, though there’s a few lessons [tag]copywriters[/tag] could learn from the lonely heart pages of their favourite newspaper. Last of the big spenders – via flickr Those few characters have to work really hard to convey why the visitor should click […]

Create Better Landing Pages by pre-qualifying your PPC Leads

The more you know about your customers’ intent the easier it is to tailor your [tag]landing pages[/tag]. If you know exactly what the searcher is hoping to achieve helping them do that becomes a breeze. When you are creating a [tag]PPC campaign[/tag] you should be building [tag]pre-qualifying[/tag] your customers via the structure of your campaign. […]

Stop Pushing advertising and Pull your consumers! – Beginners Guide to Online Marketing

There are lots of interesting starter guides, books and podcasts out there to help anyone starting out in internet marketing. They’ve helped me learn, but I thought it would be interesting to share my thoughts as I learn the ropes. Here, I explain the differences between push and pull advertising, which illustrate the differences between […]

The Best Keyword Tool is your brain – Finding Keywords you might have Missed

Hundred’s of interesting Search engine marketing blog posts are written everyday, covering the most sophisticated and advanced techniques all the way down to the essentials. However there seems to be a lack of helpful posts covering one of the most fundamental creative processes in a search marketing strategy – [tag]keyword research[/tag]. must think of more […]

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