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Easy Micro Payments – Podcast Episode #224

In this week’s internet marketing podcast, Michael Whelan, co-founder and CEO of txtNation talks about micro payments. Michael tells us about the background of txtNation and shares insights into the field of mobile billing . He then discusses mobile payments, how they work, their benefits, their difficulties and the future of mobile payments. Finally, he […]

Local Social Summit – Podcast Episode #223

In this week’s internet marketing podcast, Kelvin talks to Greg Sterling and Dylan Fuller about the upcoming 5th Local Social Summit which happens on the 19th of November, 2013. The pair discuss the history of the event and how it has evolved over the last few years. They then discuss some key industry trends, as […]

Do You Need a Degree in Digital? – Asher Rospigliosi – Podcast Episode #222

In this week’s Podcast, Kelvin talks to Senior Lecturer Asher Rospigliosi, Senior lecturer in e-business and management information system at the University of Brighton about how students are adapting into the e-side of Business. Asher raises awareness about how there are very few degrees in Digital Marketing and how Business students must adapt themselves to […]

Effective Outreach – Podcast Episode #221

In this week’s internet marketing podcast, Kelvin gives his advice on how to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of outreach efforts. He talks about the challenges when doing outreach and recommends some very useful tools to make your outreach process much more efficient. Finally, he gives us some insights about paid distribution methods and explains […]

Competitive Research for Content Marketing – Podcast Episode #220

In this week’s internet marketing podcast, Kelvin talks about how to do competitor research for content marketing and explains why it is so important to look at what the major players in your industry are doing. During the podcast, Kelvin gives us some very useful tips how to identify competitors and explains four of his […]

Why are links so important – Podcast Episode #219

In this week’s internet marketing podcast, Kelvin discusses the fairly short but very important history of search engines and some major concepts behind linkbuidling. He explains what a hyperlink is and which characteristics it contains. He then gives us some insights into PageRank, the link analysis algorithm, and how it evolved over time. Finally he […]

Facebook Graph Search – Podcast Episode #218

In this weeks’ internet marketing podcast Kelvin talks about Facebook Graph Search. He explains the idea behind it, how it evolved, and the differences between Google and Facebook search queries. He also gives us some deeper insights into the data structure of Facebook Graph Search and the technology behind it. Finally he makes some assumptions […]

Webgains – International Performance Marketing – Podcast Episode #217

In this week’s internet marketing podcast Kelvin discusses the challenges of international performance marketing with Stephen and Sarah from Webgains UK. Stephen is the Managing Director of Webgains and has been working in the field of digital marketing since the mid-1990’s, and Sarah is their Communications Manager. During the interview, they talk about the changes […]

Introduction to Performance Marketing with Chris Johnson – Podcast Episode #216

In this week’s internet marketing podcast, Kelvin talks with Chris Johnson about performance marketing. Chris Johnson is the Content Director at and gives us some insights about the history of performance marketing and what it is. He explains the current situation, the ultimate goal and the ecosystem of performance marketing and talks about the […]

Managing Local Listings – David Whatley – Podcast Episode #215

This week’s internet marketing podcast shares a talk from the BrightonSEO conference which took place in April. David Whatley, the founder of MiShop.local Ltd., a specialist local search optimisation and local citation building services for SMEs, SEOs, Digital Agencies, Franchises and National Chains, talks about scaling optimisation processes for local service and how to control […]

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