Screencasts & Presentations

Setting Up Google Local Business Listings

In this screencast, Kelvin’s taking you through the benefits of Google Local for your business. He’s also showing you how to set up your listing, the reasons behind why you need to pick specific keywords and the importance of ensuring the you change your marker if Google listed it incorrectly. As Google is increasingly using […]

Beginners Guide to MailChimp

In this week’s screencast, Kelvin is going through the basics of Email Marketing using MailChimp. Beginning with how to make the list, he’s also explaining how to use Google Analytics to track the success of your campaign, Twitter’s automated functions, as well as advice for how to pick the best template and what kind of […]

PPC Quality Score

In this screencast, Kelvin’s talking about PPC and how to improve your click through rate. He’s taking you through split testing, dynamic keyword insertion, why you need to explain why you’re better than your competors, and how to harness the power of your USP. Additionally, he’s explaining why you need to include a call to […]

How To Set Up 301 Redirects

In this video about how to create a 301 redirect page, we’ll take you through the steps as well as the SEO benefits. It’s just a short one, but if you’re not familiar with how to do this and usually leave it up to the more technical people, you’ll be able to take something away.

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