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Content Marketing Workshops – Key Takeaways

So after a double dosage of content marketing we thought we’d share with you all the top insights from the content marketing workshops which took place last week. Content-spec It’s vital to decide on every aspect of content before it’s created: Define the audience beforehand Define where you intend to pitch it Define the purpose/what […]

Using Google Analytics To Tell A User Journey Story

I have recently been using the standard Google tools far more frequently in the lead up to Christmas, analysing user behaviour and retention, tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are still really quite remarkable for studying metrics. Although quite daunting for a novice user, the updated interface earlier this year has made the […]

How to Implement The Rel=”Author” Tag

The SERPs are continuously evolving and there are now more and more ways to make your results stand out from the crowd. One of these methods is the rel=”author” tag. What is Rel=”Author”? Rel=”author” and rel=”me” are types of Google authorship markup that can be used to enhance your results in the search results by […]

What it’s like to be a Digital Marketing placement student at SiteVisibility

As part of SiteVisibility’s long standing support of the University of Brighton’s Digital Media & Marketing programme, which is now in its ninth year, and following a rigorous and lengthy set of interviews, challenges and tests,  we have hired our 2012-2013  digital marketing placement student; the future digital marketing consultant that is Natalie Wright. SiteVisibility’s […]

Multilingual and Multinational Site Annotations in Sitemaps: A How to Guide

With companies now servicing customers in different countries and different languages, a website can’t just be created in English and forgotten about. Making your website accessible to your entire customer base is critical to grow your business, and helping the search engines index your site is a very important job. We’ve written this about the […]

All You Want to Know About Search and More…Seven Frequently Asked SEO Questions Answered

In this webinar presentation, Kelvin introduces the basics of search by answering seven commonly asked questions. He’s discussing which tactics work, how long SEO takes, what your budget should be used for, how accurate forecasts and predictions are, and whether linkbuilding is dead. All You Want to Know About Search & More View more presentations […]

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