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The Benefits of Google+ For Businesses in a Post-Authorship World

Recently, I ran a training session for the Brighton Chamber of Commerce about using Google+ for business, and the same few questions seemed to keep coming up: Should my business be on Google+ ? What are the benefits of Google+ compared to other social networks? How does Google+ affect SEO? A few years ago there […]

Writing a killer brief

future of content marketing

If you’re thinking about or actually looking for a good search marketing agency, the quality and detail in the brief can make or break the potential success of your project. Not only will a good brief help your potential agency to develop a tailoured response, but the process of creating it can help you really […]

Facebook Paid Social Update

If you use Facebook Advertising to promote your business then you may already know about the recent update to the structural setup of your campaigns. Previously the Facebook Advertising setup allowed advertisers to create campaigns with just advertisements associated, making analysis across multiple placements slightly confusing if you have lots of adverts to measure. Facebook’s […]

5 Bits of Kit to Improve Your Vines

Vine is a great tool for marketers to help make your videos more arty and more fun. It’s such an easy process to create something which is snappy and so easily share-able . However, it’s not always so straight forward to come up with those attention grabbing videos to help make your Vines appeal to […]

Industry Analysis – Vacuum Cleaners: Search Trends & Social Media Insights

The trusty vacuum cleaner, a necessity for any home even in this modern age of gadgets, technology and hover boards (well not quite yet with the later). Would you believe it? Walter Griffiths way back in 1905 took the first steps in making them portable, easy to use and easily maneuverable. Nevertheless it wasn’t until […]

Industry Analysis – How the Gaming Industry Uses Social Media

With the games industry booming and as popular as ever we thought it would make a perfect case study for some social media analysis. Not only that, 2013 promises to be an interesting battle between the computer games console heavyweights – Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation. With Nintendo having already released the Wii U and with […]

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