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The Tipping Point

In November I decided to wander on down to The Globe to check out the Brighton Social Media meet up. This is an event which happens once every month, with the intention to become a home for all of those social media and marketing boffins from Brighton and the surrounding areas to get together and […]

Top Free Twitter Tools for 2013

Well what can I say, it’s been another huge year for social – full of events, campaigns and faux-pas. However, tools are what I’m here to look at once again with another useful and concise list to help you save time and improve your social media campaign results. Seen as Christmas is just around the […]

Greenpeace vs Waitrose – The Social Media Show Down #DumpShell


As a social media community manager I couldn’t help but be completely pulled into the amazing/horrendous situation that is unfolding around Waitrose and their partnership with Shell as part of a Guerrilla campaign launched by Greenpeace. Greenpeace are known for their often controversial tactics and today was no exception as they launched a social media based attract […]

Social Media For Financial Services

I recently attended a great training course on social media for financial services as many of the clients we work with are in this sector and understanding how to get around the compliance issues and still create an engaging social campaign can be a challenge. However, we feel the pros outweigh the cons in terms […]

‘It’s not only about cupcakes’: What is Pinterest and why does it matter?

A few weeks ago I attended the Social Media Marketing 2012 Conference in London, organised by Our Social Times. The conference included some very interesting talks from top brands and agencies. One of the talks that really grabbed my attention was Michael Litman’s presentation on Pinterest. As lately we often get asked about Pinterest and how […]

‘Social is Visual’: A Beginners Guide to Twitter’s New Header Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe also a thousand tweets. It didn’t come as much of a surprise when Twitter introduced their new visually driven layout for profiles. With the latest changes to their profiles, including the ability to add a header image and a customized background photo, Twitter recognises the importance […]

“I Blog, Therefore I Am”: How to Strengthen your Online Visibility through High Quality Guest Blogging

Over the past few months, I have experienced the importance of high quality and relevant content to strengthen your brand awareness and visibility online. User-focused content marketing is on the rise and, especially after Google’s most recent algorithm updates Panda and Penguin, high quality and unique content creation should become an essential part of everyone’s […]

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