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Is Google + just ‘Facebook for Grown-ups’?

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on January 13th, 2012 1 Comment

When Facebook was launched I decided not to join up. It just seemed like another website to waste my time entering data into, uploading pictures and then never use. But suddenly I found that I was missing out on events, news and parties because everything was happening through Facebook and I wasn’t part of it. So I joined up, got sucked in for a while, checked it 20 times a day, changed my status, uploaded pictures etc. After a while the novelty wore off a little and now I just dip in from time to time, but it’s still a great way to stay in touch and connect with people without actually having to ‘get in touch’ with them.

4867891425 2f7e43a41c Is Google + just Facebook for Grown ups’?

Then there was Google Buzz and just as I decided to start using it, it seemed to vanish. People found Google Buzz difficult to get into because you couldn’t categorise the people you were following. It also had a big security flaw when it was launched that opened up Google Profiles to outside people so that they could look at who your contacts were and who you were chatting with most, so many people were sceptical about getting involved and it got off to a slow start. Also, with most people already using Facebook and Twitter, a lot of people thought ‘what’s the point?’ Google Buzz was around for a little over a year before Google announced that they were going to shut it down. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.

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Guest Post: SEO and Online PR

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on December 14th, 2011 0 Comments

Katie Swan from Speed PR was in the SiteVisibility Offices last week to learn and share knowledge. She wrote this blog post about her experience here with us.

Online content is being generated at a staggering rate, so just how do you make your company stand out from the crowd? I’ve spent the week at SiteVisibility, to find out more about SEO as part of a skills exchange programme between SiteVisibility and Speed Communications.

As a PR, I’m all too aware of the increasing shift to online media content; an increasing number of people are turning to online news sites, blogs and social networks for their daily news fix rather than relying on the paper. This content remains online long after it has been written – what do you want people to find for your company when they search online?

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The Million Pound SEO Question – How would you spend a £1M Budget?

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO), Social Media & Online PR on October 24th, 2011 6 Comments

Often in the world of search your ideas and scope are limited by the available resources and budgets. The knack of a good SEO is working within those parameters, but what would you do if there weren’t those limits?

So I fired up my Rolodex and asked some of the great and good of UK SEO and asked…

You’ve been approached by a start up backed by some of the biggest VCs in the world. They’ve got one mission to beat Amazon at it’s own game. They’ve hired you in-house and given you a million pound budget to spend.

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Do Search Marketers really Get the Future of Earned & Owned Media?

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO), Social Media & Online PR on October 14th, 2011 2 Comments

There’s a really interesting trend I’ve seen in some excellent posts like PR has a big role in joined up marketing, but can it step up? by Danny Whatmough, talking about Earned and Owned Media in relation to PR and Social media. Earned and Owned Media are part of a trinity with Paid Media.

Lots of people have been talking about this in the world of PR and Social media, but not in search, which is a shame as I would have thought the industry should be thinking about these ideas.

I’m a big believer that there’s a fine line between Link Building and SEO and I’d go as far as saying as ‘online earned media’ is probably a better description of what most link builders get up to rather than building links. Read on

Top Free Twitter Tools for 2011

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on September 15th, 2011 3 Comments

I’ve been getting more and more involved with social media lately, especially with Twitter, which in turn has led me to conduct a lot of research into free tools to help with my work. After some lengthy sessions of going through blog posts about Twitter tools lists and then using them, I initially realised that there are so many out there. However, despite the fact that there are many tools and blog posts about them, there are very few people who have looked into making a definitive list of completely useful tools (I stress the importance of useful). Therefore, for your reading and Twitter pleasure I have whittled them all down to my top 5 list of free Twitter tools for 2011.

2617740616 7ece296db2 Top Free Twitter Tools for 2011
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Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on September 8th, 2011 0 Comments

Originally produced and presented by Graeme Benstead-Hume and SiteVisibility for the Brighton Digital Marketing Festival event September 2011. Measuring social media with Google Analytics covers a number of ways to segment your Google Analytics data to better measure the success of your social media campaigns.

Handouts for this presentation are available below or as a download here: Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics Handout.

Creating Campaign Tracking Code

Visit or alternatively search for ‘URL builder’ in Google.

Website URL – Enter the URL you will be linking to from your social media activity.

Campaign Source – Enter the name of the social channel / site you are linking from, e.g.

Campaign Medium – Will group your campaign sources together in your reports so enter Social or Social Media.

Campaign Name – Choose a more specific identifier for your campaign, e.g. twitter outreach.

tag Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics

Click on Generate URL and copy and paste the resulting text instead of your usual URL.

You can find your campaign report in Google Analytics under ‘Traffic Sources’ and ‘Campaigns’

tag2 Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics

This even works when the URL with tracking code is minified.

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All About Google+ – Podcast Episode #126

Posted by in Internet Marketing Podcast, Social Media & Online PR on August 16th, 2011 0 Comments

In this episode of the Podcast, Kelvin and Andy are discussing Google’s newest release, Google+. We’ve written about it on our blog, and there’s been a lot of buzz around it so the discussion this week is around how it will affect businesses, how the scarcity of invitations makes it a much more engaging product, and the strategy behind this new venture.

3520404247 d7355414ed All About Google+   Podcast Episode #126

Wired Magazine: Inside Google+

Should my Company Be Worrying About Google Plus?

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on August 1st, 2011 0 Comments

There’s been no avoiding the hype about Google’s latest foray into Social Media – Google+. Some questions we’ve been receiving from a few of our clients are what should I do about it? Should we be setting up a profile? Etc.

I won’t speculate about the long-term prospects of their service, that’s a topic that’s already been covered by hundreds, but what I can talk about it is it something you should be doing right now.

Google have made it clear at moment that they don’t want business’s setting up personal profiles for businesses. They’ve even gone as far as deleting some profiles set up in this way. This will be a deterrent for many businesses. You don’t want to go to all the effort of setting up an account and building a network only to have your account nuked. If you’re already short of time and resources for your campaign, then your time might be better spent on something with longer term value.
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Is There a Correlation Between RT’s, Facebook Likes and the Other Social Signals?

Posted by in Search Marketing (SEO), Social Media & Online PR on July 27th, 2011 5 Comments

Yesterday I published a well received article on econsultancy on why Google can be fairly confident that Google+ could already give them good social signals for rankings, even though they don’t have as many users as the other social media sharing sites.

3344411469 4a57b11e68 Is There a Correlation Between RT’s, Facebook Likes and the Other Social Signals?
I won’t rehash that article, but my gut feeling was, G could be fairly confident if something was popular Google+, it would likely to be popular on other social sites. But gut-feeling is rarely enough. So I carried out tiny scale correlation study looking at one site and whether there was any mathematical relationship between the number of shares on Google+ and the other social sites.

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What We Think of Google+

Posted by in Social Media & Online PR on July 13th, 2011 2 Comments

google logo plus 0fbe8f0119f4a902429a5991af5db563 What We Think of Google+As you’ve very likely heard, Google introduced Google+ last week, which many say is a response to Facebook. We’ve been using it here in the Think Tank to figure it out and get to know it a bit better. It’s still early days for this new tool, but here are some initial thoughts from a few members of the team. Feel free to share your views on Google+ in the comments.

Truus Heremans, Trainee Digital Marketing Consultant:

Initially I had my doubts about Google+, being such a closed social networking tool not worth using when already on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace. However, once invited and logged onto the service I started discovering its interesting tools. As Google released more and more invites I started connecting to others. Your contacts can be assigned to “Circles”, by dragging them from the top of the screen to blue Circles, and you can name them basically anything you wish (and they can’t see which Circles they’re in, so there is much liberty there). Using the Circles model the user gains a greater amount of control over what is published, since you can select which Circles you would like to share your information/posts with. Google+ seems to be aimed at people who are interested in sharing things with people or groups with similar interests rather than trying to reach the highest number of virtual “friends” (as seems to be more the case on Facebook).

When uploading a video, I received an alert asking my visibility preferences. Again, Google+ is truly focused on “privacy” and “control”. You can choose whether or not you would like your friends to comment on your photos, video’s etc. Moreover, when connecting to others, there is no consent required of both sides. You can follow anyone, similar to how you follow on Twitter.

For the individual consumer, Google+ has built a platform where the right content can reach the right people. However, for now, Google+ is really “only” aimed at consumers. If you’ve created a Google+ account for your business you might need to wait a little longer until the right features are released.

circles What We Think of Google+

Alan Cairns, Digital Marketing Manager:

So Google have unveiled their latest attempt to topple Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Since the far-from-impressive take-up of Google Buzz and Wave, I approached Google+ with scepticism. Buzz annoyed me – the way it stole my tweets and Facebook updates without my permission.
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