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Bring Your Kids to Work Day

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Here we are with Lucia, Georgia, Ella, Olivia, and Connie (and Molly, Hugo and Tristan, too)

KidsDay2 Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Cake making

Today we started with cup cake making, we gave a gingerbread man to every person who is working in the office today- let’s see what they thought of it!!!

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7th Annual Winner of the SiteVisibility Trophy for “Best Digital Media Student” at University of Brighton Announced

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SiteVisibility sponsors the Digital Media course at the University of Brighton and on 27th July we were delighted to announce Anna Fletcher is the 7th annual winner of the SiteVisibility trophy for “Best Student” and a cheque for £100.

A recent PwC report forecasts that the digital marketing sector will continue to enjoy the fastest (double digit) growth within the UK marketing industry. The Search and Social Media marketing disciplines are also growing rapidly and this has resulted in shortages of people with appropriate digital skills and experience both locally in Brighton and nationally within the marketing industry.

UoB cup 7th Annual Winner of the SiteVisibility Trophy for “Best Digital Media Student” at University of Brighton Announced
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Domains vs. Sub Domains vs. Sub Folders

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In this short screencast, Kelvin’s using a flow chart to show you which of these three options is best for your site.

The Flow Chart

Setting Up Google Local Business Listings

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In this screencast, Kelvin’s taking you through the benefits of Google Local for your business. He’s also showing you how to set up your listing, the reasons behind why you need to pick specific keywords and the importance of ensuring the you change your marker if Google listed it incorrectly. As Google is increasingly using these listings in their rankings, the more information you have the better.

Finding Your Niche

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In this screencast, Kelvin’s talking about how to use your hobbies or what you already know about to build a website on. You’ll see which tools are best to use for narrowing your keywords and how to form a strategy. You might want a piece of paper and a cup of tea are recommended for this one!

Google Keyword Tool

Reflections on our Search Innovation Seminar

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A few weeks ago, we had our first client event, our Search Innovation Seminar and Tennis Afternoon. I was really excited about organising it and I’ve left my post for a few weeks so that I could get some feedback from our clients who came as well as to reflect on the day. I was really pleased with the morning’s seminar, and although the weather forced us to miss our afternoon entertainment at the Aegon International, I’m quite sure that we enjoyed ourselves in spite of it.
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SiteVis Secondments: Our Experiences

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The benefits of secondments are three-fold; for employer, employee and host organisation. They can take a variety of forms, even within a company or organisation, or with another institution, whether it’s public, private or non-profit.

In the past we’ve had secondments at charity organisations as part of our CSR objectives, but recently we’ve realised just how much they can offer us and our customers. Sharing knowledge and skills between organisations means improvements in processes and opportunities for everybody. Secondments give organisations the opportunity to build bigger networks and share expertise. I asked some SiteVisibility team members about their secondment experiences. Read on

Analytics + Rounders = A Fun Day Had By All

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The most recent quarterly teambuilding day for SiteVisibility took place on Friday, the 10th June and contained a mixture of exercises and seminars to challenge both our mental and physical abilities. We were graced with the presence of Nikki Rae (who you can find on Twitter here: @analyticsgirl) who spent the morning taking us on a journey through the extensive world of Google Analytics. Reiterating basic knowledge, and then diving in and out of the more complicated elements of the site, the team was able to take a lot away from the session. This was felt most of all by Graeme, our very own Mr Metrics for whom the session was just like his Birthday, Christmas, and all the Bank Holidays of 2011 come at once. We are all looking forward to applying what we learnt to our future reports.

So, our brains had been challenged and then came the physical part of the day. After a few doubtful looks around the training room in the morning as the rain hammered at the skylight, lo and behold the skies cleared. We kitted ourselves out in hot pink outfits which if i may say we pulled off very well and headed off to Preston park in the afternoon to meet our challengers DC Storm, No Pork Pies, Butchers Hook and Leapfrogg.

DSC01641 1 Analytics + Rounders = A Fun Day Had By All
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Brighton SEO – Dark Patterns – Black Hat user interfaces – Dr Harry Brignull ( @harrybr ) #brightonseo

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“Dark Patterns – Black Hat user interfaces” is a talk being held by Dr Harry Brignull – Senior User Experience Designer at Clearleft (

The talk is about the tricks and traps of bad user interfaces that are designed to trick people, usually into paying more for something, or ticking a box they don’t actually need to.

First example up is the NHS donor register and how in the UK you have to opt in to be part of it. In other countries you automatically get entered into donor registration and have to opt out. The result is that the rate of people opting out is much lower than those opting in, resulting in a healthy amount of organ donors. Read on

Miles Galliford Interview – SubHub Freemium Subscription Publishing

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If there’s one business model that somes up the diverse websites that fall under the web2.0 and social media banner it’s the freemium business model. For the podcast we interviewed Miles Galliford from SubHub who not only operates a freemium business but he runs a platform that allows you to quickly and easily set up your own freemium subscription publishing website.

Miles shares his experience of working with premium publishers and business below.