7th Annual Winner of the SiteVisibility Trophy for “Best Digital Media Student” at University of Brighton Announced

SiteVisibility sponsors the Digital Media course at the University of Brighton and on 27th July we were delighted to announce Anna Fletcher is the 7th annual winner of the SiteVisibility trophy for “Best Student” and a cheque for £100. A recent PwC report forecasts that the digital marketing sector will continue to enjoy the fastest […]

Setting Up Google Local Business Listings

In this screencast, Kelvin’s taking you through the benefits of Google Local for your business. He’s also showing you how to set up your listing, the reasons behind why you need to pick specific keywords and the importance of ensuring the you change your marker if Google listed it incorrectly. As Google is increasingly using […]

SiteVis Secondments: Our Experiences

The benefits of secondments are three-fold; for employer, employee and host organisation. They can take a variety of forms, even within a company or organisation, or with another institution, whether it’s public, private or non-profit. In the past we’ve had secondments at charity organisations as part of our CSR objectives, but recently we’ve realised just […]

Brighton SEO – Dark Patterns – Black Hat user interfaces – Dr Harry Brignull ( @harrybr ) #brightonseo

“Dark Patterns – Black Hat user interfaces” is a talk being held by Dr Harry Brignull – Senior User Experience Designer at Clearleft ( The talk is about the tricks and traps of bad user interfaces that are designed to trick people, usually into paying more for something, or ticking a box they don’t actually […]

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