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Rand Fishkin Interview – SEO & Link Building

Posted by in Training, Working In Search on March 10th, 2010 0 Comments

We get to interview some great people for our podcast but sometimes being part of a bigger podcast they can get a little lost. So we’ve started taking our favourite inteviews and uploading them to to make them easy to find and listen to.

This time we’ve got the poster boy of link analysis Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz we asked him about swithing from a consultancy business to a SaaP model and what he’s learn’t about search engines building his own index of the web.

Stephen Waddington Interview – Online PR

Posted by in Training, Working In Search on February 24th, 2010 0 Comments

Online PR is a bit of a battleground between various disciplines all of whom think they are best qualified to deliver the service. But the best practitioner haven’t got involved in the debate they’ve just been busy delivering great work. One of the most respected proponents of online PR is Stephen Waddington.

In the podcast interview available below I asked him about how to get started in Online PR, what makes it different from offline and our shared interest of “The Apprentice”

The Marketing Directors’ Guide to Search – A Whitepaper

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I love the process of putting together a whitepaper,

You can take processes you use internally and package them up to share with the industry, you can use the opportunity research new areas and strategies or, in the case of our latest whitepaper, take some complex ideas and synthesis them into a coherent whole.

In The Marketing Directors’ Guide to Search we’ve tried to take the insular world of search into the wider marketing mix. Read on

Interview with Brian Clifton Author of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Posted by in Training, Working In Search on February 12th, 2010 0 Comments

Ahead of SES London we’ve been lucky enough to interview a few of the speakers at the event. When we saw the agenda though there was someone who sprung out as someone we really wanted to interview, Brian Clifton.

 Interview with Brian Clifton Author of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

If you’ve not come across Brian before he’s the author of the excellent Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics and also maintains a really practical and readable blog on analytics.

We asked Brian about how he measure’s SEO ahead of his session Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going Beyond the Numbers

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Avinash Kaushik Interview – Measuring Social Media & Analytics

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Awhile ago for the podcast we interviewed Avinash Kaushik the world renowned Google Analytics authority about measuring social media and hacking Google Analytics.

I know for some people the thought of listening to a full podcast can be a little scary, so I’ve taken the interview and uploaded it with some stills to

A Crash Course in SEO Outsourcing & Offshoring with Abhishek Rungta

Posted by in Training, Working In Search on February 9th, 2010 2 Comments

Last week we did a follow up blog post to our interview with Tim Ferris asking whether you could outsource your SEO in the manner of 4 Hour Work Week which make a good companion read to this interview we carried out Abhishek Rungta of Indus Net Technologies, a top Indian SEO company.

Abhishek Rungta A Crash Course in SEO Outsourcing & Offshoring with Abhishek Rungta

Abhishek Rungta

In the run up to SES London, we’ve been fortunate enough to interview several of the speakers ahead of the event. Abhishek is talking on Best Practices in Offshore Outsourcing for Digital Marketing which promises to be one of the most interesting panels of the event.

I asked him about the practicalities of outsourcing and how to avoid getting your fingers burnt.

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The Seth Godin SEO Playbook

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We’ve been talking about Seth Godin a lot here over the last week. We covered our podcast interview with him and we’ve already asked 19 top UK marketers what their favourite Godin book is. But I wondered whether you could apply some of the ideas in his books more generally to your search engine marketing work.

3275235423 aa2cf86a55 The Seth Godin SEO Playbook


It wasn’t hard to draw analogies; maybe that’s why his writing is so popular with search marketers (even if sometimes he rubs them a little up the wrong way) but here are a few that jumped out as great analogs.

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19 Top Marketers Share Their Favourite Seth Godin Book

Posted by in Training, Working In Search on January 29th, 2010 1 Comment

We were hugely fortunate to interview Seth Godin for our podcast this month. We’re huge fans of his work here at SiteVisibility so it was a bit of a dream come true. He’s written some of the most important and influential business and marketing books of the last ten to fifteen years, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

3336599425 2b70652776 19 Top Marketers Share Their Favourite Seth Godin Book

Image Credit

We’ve asked some of the UK’s top internet marketers what their favourite Seth Godin book is and why. You can read their responses below. Read on

SEO Masterclass for Publishers at the DPA Conference

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chess 300x199 SEO Masterclass for Publishers at the DPA Conference

SiteVisibility will be hosting an SEO Masterclass & SEO Strategy Workshop as part of the DPA Conference on the future of digital publishing. All attendees will receive an exclusive whitepaper only available at the event.

The DPA Conference will be taking place at the De Vere Grand Hotel in Brighton on Thursday 22nd October 2009 and will play host to a packed programme including:

  • A staged debate on Government plans to use the “Power of Information” to grow online publishing in the UK
  • One-hundred tips to sharpen your business as the sector emerges from the recession
  • How to get true value from open-source software
  • What leading vendors Episerver, Autonomy, Endeca, Microsoft and Mark Logic could do for your business
  • How to protect data assets and yourself from falling foul of latest data protection legislation
  • A tour of all that’s new and promising on the web and in digital publishing with Danny Meadows- Klue, one of Europe’s pioneers in online media and marketing, as your guide
  • Best in class review, featuring, Thomson Reuters and Planet Retail

To book your place at the DPA:

Visit the DPA Conference website now

Special offer for DPA Conference Delegates:

SiteVisibility are offering DPA Conference Delegates the opportunity to receive a free SEO audit at the event, which will feature details of how to increase traffic, unique visitors and subscriptions to their publishing website(s) using the very latest organic, paid and social search techniques and strategies.

To receive your FREE SEO Audit

Send your website to (put ‘FREE DPA Audit’ in the subject line) by the 15th October. *

* Only a limited number of free audits are available. Winners will be provided with their audit at the DPA Conference.

32 Tweeted Twitter Tips Presentation

Posted by in Training on September 11th, 2009 1 Comment

A little while ago I wrote a white paper about twitter, and though it went down really well, I think it’s a shame the great tweeted tips I got from my Twitter followers didn’t really reach the audience they deserve. So I fired up Powerpoint and turned them into the presentation below.

They are all worth reading and most are really actionable stuff you can do today