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New Year message from SiteVisibility CEO Jason Woodford

There’s no escaping change and well informed marketers see the escalating pace of innovation within digital marketing as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Standing out from the crowd has never been so important but that’s not without its risks and in our world, it’s the digital marketers who are often responsible for […]

The Digital Whizz Pub Quizz

Exciting news digital fans, with Brighton Digital Festival just around the corner we thought we’d follow up on BrightonSEO and round off the festival and test your newly acquired digital knowledge with a pub quiz to sort the men from the boys and raise some extra dollar for our dedicated charity  the NSPCC whilst having some competitive fun. The […]

Ten of the Best Coffee Shops in Brighton

You can’t help but notice the so many coffee shops springing up in Brighton. Digital Marketing Consultant Nick Johnstone is one of SiteVisibility‘s biggest coffee drinkers, so we asked him to find the best baristas in Brighton. You can read more about Brighton coffee houses on his blog, Coffee Pot & Kettle. Coffee is the […]

Remember, Remember, it’s nearly Movember

Despite the moustache making a fashion comeback in recent years, we here in the Think Tank tend to view that particular item of facial hair with the same disgust, suspicion and disdain as any other respectable citizen, but that didn’t stop many of us participating in Movember last year. It’s a month of sponsored tache-cultivating […]

Beginners Guide To QR Codes and their Uses in Online Marketing

What are QR Codes? They are basically a funny looking 2 dimensional code that can be scanned by any modern smart phone in order to display a number of things relating to a company a URL, phone number, video or just a message. They can be read both vertically and horizontally and can be encoded […]

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