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New Year message from SiteVisibility CEO Jason Woodford

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There’s no escaping change and well informed marketers see the escalating pace of innovation within digital marketing as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Standing out from the crowd has never been so important but that’s not without its risks and in our world, it’s the digital marketers who are often responsible for managing those risks and exploiting the opportunities. How can we help? Read on

The Digital Whizz Pub Quizz

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Exciting news digital fans, with Brighton Digital Festival just around the corner we thought we’d follow up on BrightonSEO and round off the festival and test your newly acquired digital knowledge with a pub quiz to sort the men from the boys and raise some extra dollar for our dedicated charity  the NSPCC whilst having some competitive fun.

The event will be taking place on Thursday 27th September at 8pm at The Caxton Arms.

If you know your Facebook from your facepalm, reckon you can express the rise of Google in the form of interpretive dance and like using play-dough to communicate abstract concepts then you should join us at the Caxton Arms for a night of silliness and digital-themed trivia!

Brain2 The Digital Whizz Pub Quizz

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Apple Pie and Custard readers!

We wanted to share with you some custom infographics we’ve created recently for two of our clients:

valentines infographic Happy Valentines Day!

valentine statistics Happy Valentines Day!
gifts cashback

Ten of the Best Coffee Shops in Brighton

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You can’t help but notice the so many coffee shops springing up in Brighton. Digital Marketing Consultant Nick Johnstone is one of SiteVisibility‘s biggest coffee drinkers, so we asked him to find the best baristas in Brighton. You can read more about Brighton coffee houses on his blog, Coffee Pot & Kettle.

5879585813 cd43cbf8f6 z Ten of the Best Coffee Shops in BrightonCoffee is the new tea. These days you can get your caffeine fix on every street corner (and lots of straight bits) of Brighton. With so many coffee shops to choose from, it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with which one to go with, which is why I’m here to tell you my top ten coffee shops in Brighton & Hove (in no particular order). In the name of good old fashioned debate, these are my favourite choices. Feel free to join the conversation and suggest other worthy entries.

1. Red Roaster
One of the oldest independent café’s in Brighton and still one of the best. They really know their coffee and offer a chilled atmosphere (although it can get ridiculously busy) that’s ideal to sit by yourself, with friends or a small meeting. I do wish they’d bring back the piano player though, I miss the live music accompaniment while I imbibe caffeine…

2. Café Coho
In under a year Café Coho has quickly become one of Brighton’s best loved coffee houses. Offering an intimate experience with a lounge area upstairs or the more traditional table & chairs offering downstairs, what matters is the coffee and Coho has taken the time to get the coffee right. Read on

Remember, Remember, it’s nearly Movember

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Despite the moustache making a fashion comeback in recent years, we here in the Think Tank tend to view that particular item of facial hair with the same disgust, suspicion and disdain as any other respectable citizen, but that didn’t stop many of us participating in Movember last year. It’s a month of sponsored tache-cultivating in aid of prostate cancer prevention, research and awareness. As Kelvin remarked on the internet marketing podcast, it’s a great cause with superb marketing, and we’re proud to be part of it yet again.

SVmovember2010 Remember, Remember, it’s nearly Movember

From the 1st of November we will be letting their hair down. The hair on our upper lip that is. Last year we raised over a thousand pounds for the cause and we’re hoping to improve on that this year. You can track our progress on the SiteVisibility Movember Team page, both in terms of growth and sponsorship. Perhaps you might consider sponsoring us or getting involved yourself, if you’re the type of individual who can cultivate the appropriate fuzz. Read on

Bring Your Kids to Work Day

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Here we are with Lucia, Georgia, Ella, Olivia, and Connie (and Molly, Hugo and Tristan, too)

KidsDay2 Bring Your Kids to Work Day

Cake making

Today we started with cup cake making, we gave a gingerbread man to every person who is working in the office today- let’s see what they thought of it!!!

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We Challenge You To A Game of Rounders…

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I hope everyone enjoyed their time off with all of the bank holidays that they gave us!

After BrightonSEO we had a bright idea to arrange an interagency/Digital Media Rounders afternoon and we have picked a date, the 10th of June at 2pm in Preston Park.

3510895527 8d5705bc6e We Challenge You To A Game of Rounders...

Apparently there are nine people in a rounders team, who knew?

If you have a team and want to enter let me know and if you don’t have enough people let us know and I will see how many people come back with a shortfall and we can look into joining some teams together or getting some other agencies on board.

So up for the challenge?



Brighton SEO – Staying on the right side of the ASA @jo_morley @mrgraeme #Brightonseo

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Graeme Benstead-Hume and Jo Morley from SiteVisibility explained the new rules which have been put in place by the ASA since the 1st March 2011. These rules will affect and change the way we approach elements of SEO, but mainly practices of social media.

On the surface they look calm and ready… Read on

Beginners Guide To QR Codes and their Uses in Online Marketing

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What are QR Codes?

qrcide Beginners Guide To QR Codes and their Uses in Online Marketing

They are basically a funny looking 2 dimensional code that can be scanned by any modern smart phone in order to display a number of things relating to a company a URL, phone number, video or just a message. They can be read both vertically and horizontally and can be encoded in a much smaller space, which allows for more data than a normal barcode which can only identify a product, the ability to embed more information on a QR code allows the ability to display much more information.

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Theory into Practice: Women in the Media

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Starting as an intern, and after 3 months as a Trainee Digital Marketing Consultant, I have decided to share my journey so far at SiteVisibility. Hold on to your seats.

aeroplane 11 Theory into Practice: Women in the Media

Flickr user anyjazz65

Starting at SiteVisibility as an intern came about as a result of the “Women in the Media” networking event run by Wired Sussex.  Such events are held quarterly for women in the Sussex area who work in, or are looking for work in the area of Digital Media. At this particular event SV was giving a presentation on an introduction to SEO, introducing basic SEO tools, as well as highlighting its importance for visibility of a website. Luckily for me I got chatting to the right person at the event, one the managers at SiteVisibility, to whom I presented an offer of working as an intern for cup-a- soups. This deemed to be a successful tactic. Read on