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Beginners Guide To QR Codes and their Uses in Online Marketing

What are QR Codes? They are basically a funny looking 2 dimensional code that can be scanned by any modern smart phone in order to display a number of things relating to a company a URL, phone number, video or just a message. They can be read both vertically and horizontally and can be encoded […]

Google Places Means More Reasons To Localise Your SEO

With the implementation of Google place search, websites with a local focus are now reaping the rewards. Google place search means if you perform a search with a location keyword e.g. “accountant London” “organic food London” “gym Manchester” the search results appear with place holders. This has created some real waves within the SEO community […]

Exclusive The Next 7 Day’s Google Search Backgrounds Revealed

Today Google began to roll out their ‘Bing-Esque’ Background images. After a little digging and detective work I can exclusively reveal that they are going to change their image daily (after todays selection of dozens) and these are the background images they intend to highlight over the next seven days. Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday […]

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