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How to punch above your weight in eCommerce SEO

We’ve worked on lots of successful SEO projects for ecommerce companies over the years and wanted to share a few of our most succesful techniques that have helped companies punch above their weight against bigger or more established competitors. How to punch above your weight in eCommerce SEO View more presentations from Kelvin Newman. If […]

The Marketing Directors’ Guide to Search – A Whitepaper

I love the process of putting together a whitepaper, You can take processes you use internally and package them up to share with the industry, you can use the opportunity research new areas and strategies or, in the case of our latest whitepaper, take some complex ideas and synthesis them into a coherent whole. In The Marketing […]

Next #BrightonSEO Meet-Up Friday 19th of FEB – Beers and Mini Conference

BrightonSEO now has it’s own website at Brighton is a hotspot of SEO talent, you only need to look at the pages of the WiredSussex directory to appreciate that. But unlike our cousins up in London it’s rare we get to sit down together, talk a little shop, gossip about other companies and generally […]

Vodafone’s Twitter Account – Social Media Can Be Dangerous

With the rise of mobile internet and social networking over the last couple of years, social media has been increasingly populated with corporate voices, and Vodafone are one of the brave companies which have taken a chance on Twitter. Unfortunately, today saw a mysterious tweet from the Vodafone twitter account, announcing Vodafone “is fed up […]

How To Do SEO Link Building- Illustrated By Cute Puppies

Following up from our guide to onsite SEO illustrated by cute kittens, with a guide to link building, this time with photo’s of cute puppies. How To Do SEO Link Building- Illustrated By Cute Puppies View more presentations from kelvinnewman. I’ll be honest, though I’m normally a cat kind of guy I reckon these puppies […]

7 Reasons Every e-Commerce Manager Should use the Rel Canonical Tag

We’ve had a few months now with new rel canonical tag from Google. We’ve carried out some experiments internally and have read the experiences other SEO’s. In that research it’s become apparent just what an SEO godsend it is for anyone working on an e-commerce site. Is it the magic pill? Image Credit DraconianRain You’ve […]

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