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Next #BrightonSEO Meet-Up Friday 19th of FEB – Beers and Mini Conference

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BrightonSEO now has it’s own website at

Brighton is a hotspot of SEO talent, you only need to look at the pages of the WiredSussex directory to appreciate that. But unlike our cousins up in London it’s rare we get to sit down together, talk a little shop, gossip about other companies and generally have a good chinwag.

quadrant Next #BrightonSEO Meet Up Friday 19th of FEB   Beers and Mini Conference

The guys at FreshEgg kindly sponsored the last #BrightonSEO event before Christmas and after seeing the great success it was a few of us talked about making the next event even bigger and better. Read on

Vodafone’s Twitter Account – Social Media Can Be Dangerous

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With the rise of mobile internet and social networking over the last couple of years, social media has been increasingly populated with corporate voices, and Vodafone are one of the brave companies which have taken a chance on Twitter. Unfortunately, today saw a mysterious tweet from the Vodafone twitter account, announcing Vodafone “is fed up of dirty homo’s and is going after beaver”.

The tweet was deleted almost immediately but was not missed by Twitter’s dedicated tweeters, who reposted and retweeted the message, and demanded an explanation from Vodafone. Read on

How To Do SEO Link Building- Illustrated By Cute Puppies

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Following up from our guide to onsite SEO illustrated by cute kittens, with a guide to link building, this time with photo’s of cute puppies.

I’ll be honest, though I’m normally a cat kind of guy I reckon these puppies are a lot cuter. And link building is more my cup of tea than onsite SEO

My Favourite Seo Metaphors That Make Search Easier To Understand

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SEO can be complicated to understand but it’s sometimes easier to understand with metaphors. Here’s a few of my favs

Foundem Reveal Who’s Behind the #uksnow (and it’s crippling effect on UK industry)

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mattcutts Foundem Reveal Whos Behind the #uksnow (and its crippling effect on UK industry)

If you’re not familiar with the schadenfreude of the Foundem situation this will probably be lost on you!

7 Reasons Every e-Commerce Manager Should use the Rel Canonical Tag

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We’ve had a few months now with new rel canonical tag from Google. We’ve carried out some experiments internally and have read the experiences other SEO’s. In that research it’s become apparent just what an SEO godsend it is for anyone working on an e-commerce site.

1427632177 7c26428e50 7 Reasons Every e Commerce Manager Should use the Rel Canonical Tag

Is it the magic pill? Image Credit DraconianRain

You’ve probably already heard about the tag that helps you explain to search engines where you have duplication issues which you are aware of but don’t want to solve with a 301 redirect. What you might not have realised is just how versatile a tool it is.

We’ve got seven ways we thought it would be useful to anyone managing an online retail website but if you can think of any more do let us know in the comments.

Read on

How to do On-Site SEO – A Presentation Illustrated by Cute Kittens

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We all want to know how to do onsite SEO, and everyone likes kittens. So we thought why not combine the two in a presentation.

Our branding spanking new design is live…

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It’s taken a little longer than we planned but our brand new website is live, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think of it!

Of course this post is mostly aimed at RSS readers, cause if you’re reading this site in the browser you’ve already seen our new design…

4th Plinth

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bryan151 4th Plinth

Yes! Its @FlyingWhiteDots and @ChimpleSinge of SiteVisibility live on the 4th plinth on Monday 13th July in aid of the RSPCA! Tune in and see them at 1pm!

To watch it -      bryan1 4th Plinth

RSPCA are tweeting and facebooking about Bryan.

Follow the RSPCA on Twitter –

bryan 21 4th Plinth

bryan141 4th Plinth

Google’s Book Search Settlement is DOJ Concern

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Google has come under fire again with the American Department of Justice after alleged anti-competitive behaviour, this time in the world of literature.

At the end of October last year, Google brokered a deal with the Authors Guild and the Association of American publishers as part of the $125 million Google Book Search settlement, which granted the search engine access to a substantial amount of in-copyright books and other literary material. Read on