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SiteVisibility are Recruiting an Octopus

An opportunity has arisen for a skilled digital marketing octopus at the highly respected Search Marketing agency SiteVisibility. You’re probably wondering what an octopus has to do with us, and why you’d want to voluntarily become one. The answer is pretty simple. We feel like our team is made up of lots of different skills […]

SiteVis Secondments: Our Experiences

The benefits of secondments are three-fold; for employer, employee and host organisation. They can take a variety of forms, even within a company or organisation, or with another institution, whether it’s public, private or non-profit. In the past we’ve had secondments at charity organisations as part of our CSR objectives, but recently we’ve realised just […]

What I Learned By Attending More Search Conferences Than Is Really Healthy in the Last Few Months

I think it’s the time of the year but I’ve found myself scuttling all over Europe speaking and attending search, affiliate and digital conferences. It’s been good fun even if my liver has taken a bit of punishment – I have learnt a huge amount. One of the interesting things about seeing speeches from experts […]

Analytics + Rounders = A Fun Day Had By All

The most recent quarterly teambuilding day for SiteVisibility took place on Friday, the 10th June and contained a mixture of exercises and seminars to challenge both our mental and physical abilities. We were graced with the presence of Nikki Rae (who you can find on Twitter here: @analyticsgirl) who spent the morning taking us on […]

Brighton SEO – Is There Such A Thing As Ethical SEO? (Panel debate) #brightonSEO

The final talk of the day was an exciting group panel debate about the tricky issue of ethics in search which featured several top digital marketing gurus; Paul Madden, Automica Limited and Kerboo Kevin Gibbons, SEOptimise Jeremy Spiller,WhiteHatMedia Mark Cook, Further Bas van den Belden, State of Search The talk evaluated if it is ethical […]

Become Kelvin’s Podcast Apprentice? – Podcast Episode #99 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Kelvin’s not quite Donald Trump or even Lord Sugar, but like those two chaps he’s on the look out for an apprentice. If you think you’ve got what it takes you can contact Kelvin at In the rest of the show we talk about how to […]

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