At SiteVisibility, our team is aligned to deliver success to our clients. We pride ourselves on the work that we produce for our great clients. But, we don’t just want you to take our word for it, check out some of our client case studies and video testimonials below.

Pentasia Google Analytics Case Study

Following a website migration, Pentasia needed to trust the accuracy of the data they were collecting and ensure that all important user conversions and interactions on the new site were tracked correctly. Find out how we helped Pentasia to achieve this through a Google Analytics Audit, upgrade of their account, review & testing of all Goals and Events and an Implementation Plan. Read the case study here.

Vax SEO Campaign Case Study

We’re pleased to have recently extended our working relationship with Vax for a further 3 years. Find out how we’ve been supporting them since 2014 with a multi-disciplinary approach to marketing in order to achieve organic growth, revenue and brand awareness targets.

Read the case study here.

CPJ Field Paid Social #tacklethetaboo Case Study

Find out how we helped CPJ Field to improve their organic traffic and brand awareness by stepping out of their comfort zone and undertaking a bold paid social campaign encouraging people to “tackle the taboo” and talk about death. Read the case study here.

BlueBay Social Media Growth Case Study: “Six Moments of Summer”

Find out how we helped BlueBay to increase their brand awareness, social media presence and social media engagement through our “Six Moments of Summer” campaign on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Read all about it in our Case Study here.

Bluebay Social Media Case Study

Fat Face: Site Migration & Influencer Content Marketing Case Study

Fat Face were making a significant upgrade in their CMS in the run up to their busiest time of year. They needed an SEO strategy that managed risk, took advantage of opportunities and delivered results whilst staying on brand and true to their tone of voice.

Read the Fat Face SEO and Migration Case Study

Auto Protect SEO and Online PR Case Study

Through a strategy of both technical & content-related activities, SiteVisibility improved the first page of Google results for the term ‘Autoprotect’.

Read the Online PR and Brand Reputation Autoprotect Case Study

1 Wimpole Street Technical SEO & Keyword Research Case Study

Find out how SiteVisibility helped 1 Wimpole Street to stand out from the crowd and provide credible leads by getting the fundamentals of SEO right in their organic search campaign.

Read the case study here.

TRaC Global B2B SEO Lead Generation Case Study

In a challenging industrial business 2 business where leads are hard to come by SiteVisibility helped TRaC Global get the fundamentals of SEO right to deliver quick and dramatic results.

Read the TRaC Global B2B SEO Lead Generation Case Study

Contour Casings: SEO Strategy, Penalty Recovery and Migration Case Study

Read and learn how how SiteVisibility brought Contour Casings out of a manual Google penalty and then help them migrate over to a new website.

Read the Contour Casings Google Penalty Recovery and Migration Case Study

SiteVisibility Client Testimonial Compilation

Client Testimonials

Witold Kaczanowski
Corporate Digital Strategy Director

John Doyle
Head of Marketing & Operations

Guy Campbell
Lockshop Warehouse

Michael Gietzen
Managing Director
Identity Group

Pete Dainty
Global Head of SEO

Cristina Lopo
Creative & Online Manager

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