Integrated Search Marketing Services

Smoothly Does It

How many of your paid-for visitors come from key terms you already naturally appear for? How quick are you to create new content in-line with what people are tweeting about? How does your brand look across the whole online landscape?

Our Integrated Search Marketing brings Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media together in one aligned strategy. It’s more effective. It can save you a good deal of money on duplication and management fees. Most importantly, it gives you – and us – a 360º view of how you’re being perceived and where you’re really headed.

The 3 Killer Advantages of Integrated Search Marketing

  • 1 – PPC informs natural search (SEO) strategy. Successful PPC terms can then be optimised on site – de-risking your SEO strategy.
  • 2 – Social Media – interacting with online communities – becomes more natural. Blogging, podcasts, reacting to tweets, video content Facebook groups or encouraging user-generated content; it can all complement your core activity, rather than take on a (potentially dangerous) life of its own.
  • 3 – Better-informed SEO builds a much stronger base for your online brand, building quality traffic and reducing costs per valued visitor.

One Point of Contact

Just imagine. One point of contact for all you online marketing. Instant savings from throwing out term duplication. Further reduction in costs from economies of scale and reduced management overheads. Measurable performance across all your activity.

Find Out More

Check out our industry leading podcast, dip into our top rated search engine marketing blog, read our Integrated Search White Paper or cut to the chase and get in touch: 01273 733 433.