Integrated Search White Paper

With SEO coming up to its 20th birthday, a lot has changed since the use of keywords in tiny white text on white backgrounds!

Now with Google’s latest “Orion” update, it looks like meta descriptions may be following the same fate as meta keywords. Which begs the question of what would happen if Google decided meta titles were no longer a worthy ranking factor?

Well thankfully, your title tag is still one of the most important factors to optimise for. But if you’ve optimised your page content and you’re still not achieving the SEO results you were hoping for, what next?

Integrating your paid and organic search campaigns with your other marketing channels can dramatically increase website traffic and leads, whilst maximising ROI across the entire marketing mix. Especially when you embed integrated search deep within the marketing strategy.

This white paper provides a practical framework to enable marketers, PRs and web professionals to integrate online and even offline activities through search-led strategies, reducing costs and driving new revenue from all channels. Ultimately, integrated search can add value to an organisation’s existing advertising, PR, branding, email marketing, online PR, social media, market research and affiliate marketing campaigns.

The results of implementing integrated search speak for themselves with a range of case study examples from the retail, publishing & B2B sectors all seeing significant increases in traffic and leads, whilst achieving prestigious top 3 keyword rankings in record time.

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