Internet marketing podcast makes an event out of Social Media

SiteVisibility looks at how you can be sociable in different ways at your next event

With one eye firmly on April’s BrightonSEO conference, the UK’s number one digital marketing podcast hosted by SiteVisibility recently took a look at the social media tools that are available to promote and organise exhibitions and conferences.

The weekly podcast, which is available to download for free on iTunes or from SiteVisibility’s website at, offers a series of insider tips and practical advice on how to get the best from a wide range of digital-related topics.

In the latest podcast, Kelvin Newman, SiteVisibility’s Director of Strategy, explored how the latest social media tools can help both organise and promote events. Kelvin described how Facebook can be used to publicise events and invite attendees and how Eventbrite can be used for registration and ticketing, whereas Pathable allows organisers to create a forum for delegates to network before and after the event.

Once at an event, attendees can also be encouraged to “check-in” using Foursquare and gain event-specific badges with sought-after “swarm” badges available if more than 50 people check in.

Leading integrated search, social media and SEO company SiteVisibility believes that for every event, there is a social media platform that can add benefit to a marketing team’s strategy. “Any show that dismisses social media does so at its own peril,” comments Kelvin.

“Deciding on the correct platform is crucial to the success of the campaign. Social media provides exhibitions with exciting opportunities to engage with audiences on a completely new level and an opportunity to conduct mini-campaigns through social channels to help build momentum for an exhibition and raise awareness.”

Kelvin also spoke about Lanyrd, a social conference directory which allows Twitter users to see events which will be attended by those they follow and, conversely, to promote events to their followers.
SiteVisibility is also the creative force behind, what has become, the number one marketing podcast in most English speaking countries on iTunes. Each weekly episode gets in the region of 15,000 listeners and is downloaded around 815 times each a day. The podcast recently celebrated surpassing 1million downloads.
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