Analyse this….

SiteVisibility explains, and proves, how analysing trends and behaviour of web visitors can positively impact SEO campaigns

Understanding the current trends and behaviour of website visitors is one thing. Establishing a firm knowledge of how to utilise this information is another. From website analytics, competitor activity, social media mentions, sentiment and engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty – data available for a company to analyse seems endless. Here, Jason Woodford of leading digital marketing company SiteVisibility, explains how web analytics now underpins the most effective digital marketing strategies where, through a process of investigation and testing, businesses can optimise campaign performance across multiple channels and devices, thus improving return on investment (ROI).

Jason Woodford comments: “The marketing industry is evolving rapidly; a key part of that is a result of the ever-changing world of social media and online behaviours. However, it’s disappointing that there are very few people who can turn the information into insightful and actionable knowledge. I put this down to the basic fact that there are very few people who possess the blend of mathematical, analytical, digital and business strategy skills, particularly in the marketing agency field.”

SiteVisibility provides a specialist Data Analysis and Insights service, where insights are gained into the behaviour of web visitors for clients enabling them to prioritise campaign strategies and tactics based on real life user behaviour.

Woodford continues: “As the economy continues to drag its heels, there has been much more focus on accountability and ROI. Marketing agencies have to be able to answer questions concerning value for money and how much the customer is getting back on their marketing investment”

For example, with AVS Fencing, SiteVisibility adopted a combination of onsite and offsite SEO tactics in order to reach the clients’ target audience. This included a tailored keyword strategy; meta-data recommendations for top level pages; and categories and on-site content creation and content syndication.

Woodford says “despite the seasonal nature of the business, the fencing, decking and landscaping supplier witnessed an 83 per cent increase in revenue from non-branded search traffic in Q1 2012 from a significant improvement in website traffic.

“The key isn’t just to use web analytics as a means to report on and analyse behaviour. It is about what you do with the data which counts and our ‘Insights Team’ is already implementing such actions to enable our clients to receive the very best ROI.”

As part of its commitment to ensuring its staff are well trained, SiteVisibility’s Digital Insights Manager Graeme Benstead-Hume is overseeing a company-wide internal training programme in Google Analytics. Graeme recently took to the company’s popular Apple Pie & Custard blog page to explain how he managed 100% at the Google Analytics IQ Exam and provides his own advice and suggestions to those looking to complete the test.

SiteVisibility is currently hiring for a Digital Insights Manager.