Going wild for CSR…

SiteVisibility donates one day a month to help the Sussex Wildlife Trust improve its online marketing performance

Throughout 2012, leading digital marketing agency SiteVisibility has donated one day each month to support the Sussex Wildlife Trust, the nature conservation organisation representing the county. By ensuring the charity’s newsletter reaches a wider audience and are therefore kept up to date with its work and events, SiteVisibility is also hoping to increase traffic to the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s website join page by 50 per cent by making various onsite recommendations.

SiteVisibility’s work with the Sussex Wildlife Trust has seen the digital marketing agency deploy a range of tactics throughout the year. It has increased readership and open rates of the charity’s newsletters by creating a survey for its subscribers to find out what they like and dislike and amended its newsletter content to reflect these survey results.

By creating a new, informative newsletter for Sussex Wildlife Trust members, SiteVisibility has seen the number of subscribers increase from 300 in 2009 to almost 9,000 in October 2012. The e-news is also the 3rd largest referrer source to the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s website.

Helping charities and having a strong CSR programme has been high on the boardroom agenda at SiteVisibility throughout 2012. Through various fundraising events, the company has raised over £1,600 for its chosen charity the NSPCC; donated a selection of IT equipment to UK IT charity, Computer Aid International; and will soon speak free of charge at event which will educate and inform charities on the benefits of using social media platforms.

SiteVisibility has also announced that in 2013, and as part of its on-going CSR strategy and dedication to making a difference in the local community, it will be launching a brand new ‘Digital Marketing Community Fund’. This will allow local Sussex-based charities to compete to win a £25k digital marketing budget. This will ensure SiteVisibility uses its digital marketing skills and knowledge to have an impact on the work charities do in the local community. Charities will be able to submit an application from mid-November onwards via the SiteVisibility Facebook page.

Jason Woodford, SiteVisibility CEO and who is a member of the Business in the Community SouthEast Leadership Team, comments: “We know that developing a strong CSR programme makes good business sense and our team feel very satisfied when helping Sussex Wildlife Trust and NSPCC to achieve their own goals. Next year we have revised our CSR strategy to focus our time where we can have the most positive impact so I hope applications for our Digital Marketing Community Fund are ambitious, imaginative and with high potential.”

The Sussex Wildlife Trust is the leading nature conservation organisation covering East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton and Hove, managing over 4500 acres of nature reserves and running a renowned environmental education programme. SWT also speaks out, and are listened to, on all the major environmental issues that impact on life in Sussex, supported by over 33,500 members.

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