Rewarding digital talent at the University of Brighton

SiteVisibility announces winner of 8th annual SiteVisibility prize for the best Digital Media student at the University of Brighton

Leading digital marketing agency SiteVisibility can today announce the winner of the 8th annual “Best Digital Media Student” award at the University of Brighton. Judging on exam grades, Maximilian Hurl, who studied his degree in BSc (Hons) Digital Media Development, was presented with a £100 cheque and trophy by SiteVisibility CEO Jason Woodford, on Monday July 23rd, University of Brighton.

SiteVisibility sponsors the Digital Media course throughout the semester which culminates in the awards ceremony which honours the top 40-50 students in the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics.

As an Investor in People since 2003, SiteVisibility has long displayed a commitment to nurturing talent and developing the Search Marketers of tomorrow. This is part of its Internet Marketing Training programme which involves taking on and developing between 1-4 new trainees per annum. Many past trainees have developed a successful career at SiteVisibility like Kelvin Newman, who as Director of Strategy also hosts the popular Internet Marketing Podcast and BrightonSEO, has become an internationally recognised expert in digital marketing. The company maintains a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and believes that digital marketing agencies and in-house teams can help solve the skills shortage problem by investing in training, developing and retaining talent.

SiteVisibility CEO Jason Woodford is a member of the South East Leadership Team of Business in the Community (BITC). One of the key areas of focus for BITC is to improve young people’s skills, attitudes and understanding in preparation for the world of work and employment.
Jason comments: “I would like to congratulate Maximilian on his well-deserved award win. He will now be the inspiration to other young future digital marketers at the University’s next in-take in September. He deserves this further recognition of his hard work and excellent results.

“In today’s increasingly challenging business world, companies across all industries and sectors have a choice of recruiting or nurturing their own talent. The latter, whilst perhaps more complex, will bring rewards in abundance to both the individual, the business and the country as a whole. The ever-changing and rapidly growing nature of the digital marketing industry means there is a shortage of people with appropriate digital skills and experience. At SiteVisibility we are firmly in the business of ensuring this does not happen. As well as recruiting the best talent in the industry, we are here to develop the Search Marketers of the future. We look forward to coming back to the University of Brighton next year to shake hands with 2013’s future digital marketing superstar.”