Social Media Campaign Provides Insight Into Customer Behaviour

SiteVisibility’s campaign for PayPoint proves web analytics is a key element of successful marketing campaigns

PayPoint, the UK’s leading specialist payments collection network, has recently welcomed over 13,000 fans to its new Facebook page as part of a strategic social media campaign. Deployed and executed by leading digital marketing agency SiteVisibility, a new Facebook page was designed and launched with a competition that offered participants the chance to win £500 towards their bills made payable with PayPoint. The duration of the campaign lasted 2 months from July to August 2012 and saw over 10,000 entries.

PayPoint briefed SiteVisibility to design a strategy which would gain an insight into its end customers and establish an on-going relationship with its customer base.

To enter the competition participants were required to like the Facebook page and answer a few simple questions about how they pay their bills and if they had previously used PayPoint. The campaign was designed with share functionality at every stage to drive awareness receiving a 66% per cent conversion rate from entrants who then shared the competition on their own Facebook wall.

The campaign was also supported by an offline receipt advertising campaign which was communicated to customers via PayPoint receipts when a customer topped-up using the PayPoint payment terminal. This was trailed across a range of services from mobile to gas and electricity to measure variations in engagement. This went out to over 2m customers with an extremely high uptake, targeting existing customers rather than new ones. The results were successful with 88% of entrants being current customers and just 12% new to PayPoint.

In addition to the new fans on its Facebook page, the results of the campaign have meant that PayPoint can now understand the demographics and user habits of its consumer audience and can also segment this based on which service they use. It has also provided PayPoint with a solid core fan-base who are now highly engaged with the company. The five per cent engagement rate for this market is high in comparison to similar campaigns.

Jason Woodford, CEO SiteVisibility, adds: “This adds further proof of the message that web analytics is a key element of successful marketing campaigns. Understanding customer behaviour online can provide a client, and indeed ourselves as marketers, with extra resource to find out the true impact of the campaign which we deploy. The results of our social media strategy will now act as a solid platform for PayPoint to continue establishing a relationship with its customers.”
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