Search Methodologies – Whisper

WHISPER Search Methodologies   WhisperWHISPER is part of our in-depth social media service that forms part of our Integrated Search Strategies

  • Audience research and persona/tribes segmentation
  • Brand noise assessment, for you and your key competitors
  • Platform relevance

Think about what you want to achieve – what are you goals?

This is most import aspect of your campaign and will shape the strategy.
Do you want to increase brand awareness, traffic to the site or completed job applications or email sign ups?

Is part our in-depth social media methodology that forms part of the Integrated Marketing Strategy. It examines the relevance, competitors and the strategy development of a social


What words are people using on social media relating to the product? We determine the buzz around your product.


What are people actually saying on social media about your brand, products or services?
Is there a theme with a buzz that relates to the product?


Who influences the buying decision of the target customer? Influencer research and mapping.


What story/message are you going to tell? A content strategy based on what the different personas are looking for on social media relating to the product/service and where and when. This content should use different types of media and be either informative, entertaining or add value to the target customer.


Which social media platforms should be used to promote this content? Frequency and timing of usage will also be considered.


How will we engage with target customers and their influencers, promoting the content we have created? Initial planned ideas, to be carried out after month 3


How queries should be dealt with/responded to? A response map will be developed considering every possible social media interaction, the suitable response and the necessary action, including examples.