Paid Search & PPC Networks

PPC Networks

There are many PPC advertising networks sitting on a variety of search engine platforms each with individual strengths and weaknesses.  Which should you choose?

Google AdWords currently captures over 70% of UK paid search traffic market therefore we would recommend your primary target is Google Adwords.  However, although Google has the largest market share it doesn’t mean the other search engine platforms (MSN AdCenter (Bing), Yahoo Search Marketing) are any less worthy.

Recent announcements in the press (30/07/2009) predict that Yahoo is expecting to make Microsoft’s Bing its search provider shortly.  This may mean the remaining 30% of traffic will be available on one network shortly making it even easier to manage.

The type of users Yahoo and MSN attract tend to be consumers rather than business users which may well be ideal if you are marketing B2C.

Competition In PPC Advertising

Because competition is fierce on Google AdWords means traffic can be more expensive than the other networks.  This is where if you set up your account correctly, choose the right platform and bid smartly it is possible bring the advertising cost right down without affecting the number of conversions (sales, leads etc).

Return On Investment

Of the three main PPC networks,  Google has the most sophisticated account management system (on and offline) that not only allows you to update your campaigns remotely but also offers the most comprehensive conversion recording mechanism out of all the PPC platforms.  This allows you to calculate the most accurate ROI.

Our PPC Knowledge

Site Visibility has been running PPC campaigns for over 6 years and is a Google AdWords Accredited company.  Currently 6 employees hold the Google AdWords Professional exam, and the Paid Search team also hold the MSN AdExcellence award ensuring you PPC Campaigns are in safe hands.

Site Visibility have access to dedicated Account Managers at Google, Yahoo and MSN.  This ensures that our team is kept up to date with the latest developments and any problems can be resolved in the quickest possible timeframe.