Pay Per Click Advertising Services & Strategies

The success of Pay Per Click (PPC) is unprecedented. Google’s Adwords, Yahoo’s Search Marketing & Microsoft’s adCenter have given businesses the opportunity to attract highly targeted web users onto their website.

However, while PPC campaigns are easy to set up, it is often difficult to get the most from your advertising budget.

How Can We Help You Optimise Your Pay Per Click Campaign?

At Site Visibility our combination of pay per click expertise & innovative software tools enable us to manage PPC campaigns more efficiently and effectively. We can help you to decrease your media spend by reducing your cost per click through adopting more intelligent bidding strategies.

We can help you to better target your keyword advertising so that you reach the best potential customers thus saving you money on clicks from visitors unlikely to become future customers.

We can also increase leads by improving advertising copy to help you get more clicks than your competitors. By targeting niche keywords, that you and your rivals might have missed, we can drive high quality visitors to your site who are statistically more likely to convert into customers.

Furthermore, through developing tailored landing pages that have been specifically created to encourage a visitor to respond to a clear call to action, we can help you increase conversion rates and campaign ROI.

We report more accurately on PPC campaigns. Unlike some Search Marketing firms we provide comprehensive analysis & reporting on your campaigns. We’re 100% transparent and provide strategic insight on what key terms are driving you traffic and pushing conversions.

As a Google Adwords Qualified Company you can rest assured that our pay per click optimisation & review service will help you to make your PPC advertising spend stretch further and work harder.