Pay Per Click Management & Ad Copy Creation

There’s a real knack to creating great PPC ad copy and it’s an unappreciated art, though we’ve learnt a lot from managing huge campaigns which have performed exceptionally.

Those few characters have to work really hard to convey why the visitor should click your ad rather than the plethora of other options, so it’s important to get them right.

Below are just a few of the tactics we employ when writing copy for our PPC clients.

Making Your PPC Adverts Stand Out

You only need to look at the dense type face of a search engine results page to realise that you have to stand out. You might have the same character limits as your competitors, but that needn’t mean your text has to be identical.

If everyone is using similar ad copy that’s the perfect chance for us to do something different, there’s plenty to be gained from taking some risks.

Make Every Letter Count Of The Ad Count

Characters are at a premium in PPC adverts so we never waste any.

If we find yourself with extra characters at the end of a line we change the syntax and squeeze an extra word in.

The more they know about your company, the more likely they are to click.

Communicate Your Brand’s Personality

Television, print and radio advertising aren’t always deadly serious and nor should PPC advertising. We try to seem friendly, convey what makes your company unique and show your advert was written by a person and not a machine.

Your ad copy doesn’t just have to be a description of your product; it can be adventurous, enigmatic or even evasive.

Don’t Seem Too Desperate In Your Advert

A lot of companies include their discounts, free shipping and other special offers in their ad copy. Sometimes this can be a clever approach but we always think about how ad copy reflects back on your brand.

Remember People Are Skim Reading

People aren’t paying 100% attention to your ad so we try to keep ad copy simple. You’re lucky if they read an adverts headline so we make it eye catching, relevant and intriguing. If they don’t read your headline they won’t read the copy and they’ll never click the ad.

Don’t Oversell In Your PPC Ad Creative

We don’t promise hundreds of products when you only have a few and we don’t say you sell exactly what they searched for if you don’t. It’ll be a wasted click and they’ll leave with a bad feeling about your brand.

If you’d like to learn how we can breathe new life into your PPC advertising get in touch with our team of copywriting experts.