PPC Bidding & Bid Management

With PPC advertising a lot of the success of your campaign will depend on whether you get your bid management right. Whether you’re bidding to get a certain return on investment or cost per acquisition or whether position and visibility is your aim, it will have a huge impact on your bid management.

Relying On Bid Management Software

Software tools have forever changed the way pay per click campaigns are administered. With these systems you can use sophisticated programmes to tailor campaigns to certain numerical criteria. At SiteVisibility we use our own internal tools and industry standard software to manage our campaign but we don’t rely on them exclusively.

A tool will optimise and improve your campaign but it won’t choose new keywords, nor will it trial new ad copy or try bids to place you in positions where you haven’t been historically.

Our bid management relies on three elements:

  • Your objectives:  How much do you want to pay for each visitor and ultimately how much do you want to spend for a sale?
  • Your budget:  How do you make the most of your budget, can we tailor bids to get as much bang for your buck as possible?
  • Your market place:  How much competition is there? Are people following a short sighted strategy and paying over the odds?

Want to learn about how you can improve your bid management? Get in touch.