PPC Campaign Optimisation

  • Pay per click auction listings can become a volatile environment. How do you guard your bids and positions, and monitor your keyword bids on multiple search engine networks 24/7, taking instant action to maintain competitive advantage without it becoming a full time job?
  • Pay per click traffic is great, but with out close monitoring can quickly go from brilliant ROI to making a loss; are your current agency paying close enough attention.
  • SiteVisibility’s bid management service, watches your PPC campaign bids actively and intelligently, guarding your positions and placements.

Optimising Your Campaign

Our monitoring and optimisation process puts your campaign on guard, to not only maintain your position but to take specific and calculated actions to increase or decrease your bids and positions in response to:

  • Shifting bids
  • Competitive activity
  • Bidding wars
  • Quality Scores (CTR, landing pages, ad copy, bid prices, historical performance)
  • And even in response to changes in ROI and conversions

In essence, SiteVisibility’s PPC management means you never have to get caught out paying more than you need to preserve your position or your traffic. Your web developers may need to add the Google/Yahoo PPC tracking code to your site for us so that we can measure conversions effectively.