PPC Management Consultant Services & Strategy

Pay per click advertising is an ideal way for you to generate immediate search engine listings and awareness of your website. It also provides an opportunity to plug the gap that will eventually be filled by the growth in the free or organic listings through our search engine optimisation efforts.  As these free listings begin to appear and stabilise, this paid for activity can be scaled back or closed down completely.

Why Should We Manage This Activity For You? We Are Google Accredited…

By giving SiteVisibility responsibility of your pay per click advertising, you will have peace of mind knowing that your campaign is in safe and expert hands. Furthermore, we will give you one channel through which you can develop multiple search engine reach via both the paid and natural search activity that we will be delivering for you. By managing both campaigns we can save you money in the long-term through looking for PPC downscaling opportunities when organic rankings begin to appear and stabilize.

SiteVisibility is a Qualified Google Partner. This accreditation helps to ensure that we will manage client pay per click campaigns in a professional and expert manner. Staffs have to go through a sometimes gruelling learning curve on Adwords, culminating in an exam set by Google HQ. Our PPC professionals have to achieve a grade of at least 75% in the exam to qualify as a Google Adwords Professional. The requirements we have to meet to become a qualified Google Partner are: we must employ at least two Adwords qualified professionals (SiteVisibility has six accredited staff members currently) and meet a number of other management requirements set by Google. The company qualified status also gives you the reassurance that we can manage larger than average campaign budgets with the depth of resource and – where required – receive help and assistance direct from Google itself by having a dedicated Google account manager.

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