PPC Keyword Research

Creating and optimising a keyword campaign requires planning. This planning involves deciding which of the keywords and phrases to target, which search engine networks to use, what cost per clicks to set, and most importantly the creative to use for each listing. Fortunately, SiteVisibility can plan this for you. Planning separates the good campaigns from the bad, but even with the best intentions it’s not long before a keyword campaign becomes a multitude of variables, with hundreds of keywords, URL’s, and bids flying around.

SiteVisibility sets all this up for you, having pre-determined your requirement for traffic we’ll produce a PPC search engine marketing schedule for you, taking care to:

  • Assess your requirements for quality traffic, profit margin flexibility and your sites ability to convert visitors.
  • Build you a complete and comprehensive key phrase strategy to leave no click untapped, and yield your desired traffic figures.
  • Draft customised, relevant and compelling copy for specific groups of keywords and phrases, as well as on each network in order to maximise click through rates.
  • Deploy your pay per click campaign through a multitude of networks to spread risk, and deliver wide reaching coverage at the minimum cost to yourself.

Our PPC Keyword Selection Process Is A Strategic One

We don’t just simply select keywords based on relevancy alone. Instead we use a more sophisticated approach that analyses the decision-making process associated with the use of your product:

  • Initial research – user or influencer?
  • Consideration – for example what type of stairlift and for what purpose? Type of stairs?
  • Evaluation
  • Service and after sales care considerations