Launching a new website can be a scary proposition. Whether you’re updating your whole site for a mobile-first strategy or your websites’s structure’s become too cumbersome to hold all your amazing content, site migrations are a critical time for any business. A mismanaged website migration can have a severe impact on organic search performance, and this is true even with the world’s best web development team. After all, the last thing you want to see upon your swanky new website launch is a drop off in traffic because your web developers missed out the technical stuff. Luckily with SiteVisibility, you’re in good hands. Our website migration service will ensure your move to a new website goes off without a hitch.

To get an idea of the considerations you’ll need to take in a site migration, be sure to download our Ultimate SEO Website Migration Checklist here.

Launching a new website? We’ve got the SEO covered

SiteVisibility’s Website Migration service is designed to ensure that all critical SEO factors are considered, explained, assessed and tested before you hit the launch button, so you can rest assured that performance will improve rather than suffer.

From large ecommerce sites and online shops to smaller sites experiencing multiple technical issues, our in-house SEO website migration experts will check every last nook and cranny of your new site and make absolutely sure no nuts and bolts are missing before take-off, so you can sit back and watch new business pour in.

Thinking about a Website Migration?

At the beginning stages of a migration strategy? Finished web development and ready to launch? Just about to make the leap into a new domain? Speak to our experts to find out how we can help you make a smooth switch with no bumps in the road.

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