SEO Tools & Software

A search marketer isn’t anything without a suite of advanced tools. A selection of search engine marketing related software and tools.

While we’ve built a large number of internal tools to track and promote our client websites we also make use of a number of publicly available tools.

Below are some of our favourites that can help you assess your current site and turbo charge your link building efforts.

Link Diagnosis
A great tool based on the Yahoo Site Explorer API. The Firefox extension tracks all the people pointing to a site and rates them on a number of metrics including Page Rank, the anchor text used and whether the link is no-followed. Great to assess your own link building efforts but also really powerful as part of a comprehensive and competitive back link analysis process.

SEOmoz tools
SEOmoz is one of the world most respected blogs on search engine marketing, in addition to a tranche of free tools they have premium content and scripts to help improve your understanding of natural search and direct your day to day search marketing.

SEO Book
Another suite of tools from a respected search marketing publisher. No self respecting search marketer would be without the Firefox toolbar set up on their PC.

Though not exactly popular with the powers that be, RankPulse queries the Google search index daily for some of the web’s biggest search terms and tracks the results. A great way to see if Google are shifting their algorithm in favour of a certain kind of website or technique.

Google Trends Keyword Insights
There are lots of tools out there which attempt to tell you the vital fourth dimension of time. Are your keywords going down in popularity, are some only popular at certain times of year?

Word Tracker
Find the best keywords for driving quality targeted traffic to your site.

Web Position
Amongst other features Web Position allows you to report on your natural search engine rankings and target your keywords.

ClickTracks Web Analytics
Find out what your visitors are doing on your site with enhanced visitor tracking, ROI reporting and search engine robot tracking.

Digital Point
Offering business software packages and free online tools, including a keyword selector.

Yahoo Tools
Providing, amongst other free tools, a good keyword selector facility.

If you’ve found these tools useful and would like to hear about new tools as we discover them head over to our blog where we regularly review and talk about how to use the latest search marketing techniques and methods.