SEO Consulting & Strategy Services

Our approach is based on the premise that there are three variables at work in implementing a successful search marketing campaign.

These variables are:

  • Your objectives: What you hope to accomplish through search marketing.
  • Your website: Which content, tools and information you should place online in conjunction with the design, usability and appeal of the website. How your website can be integrated with on and offline activity and how search engines view your site.
  • The market: How people search for websites, the words they use in search engines, the stages they are at in the decision making process, and the size of market for your products and services.

The challenge is to bring these three variables into perfect, overlapping alignment. As a business, you are only in control of two of these variables: your objectives and your website. You are not in control of how the market searches or behaves. Therefore, our methodology focuses heavily on assessing the market, specifically how it searches and what the resulting behaviour is to help re-shape your objectives and your website in order to bring about alignment and the online marketing results you desire.

A successfully implemented program will help you to focus your search objectives on achievable goals and to develop a website that meets the expectations of how the market acts, as well as how both users and the search engines evaluate sites. The net result is not only increased online visibility and top rankings for keywords and phrases that deliver meaningful traffic to your website, but also increased conversion rates.

Get in touch for advice on how you can set objectives, realistic but optimistic Key Performance Indicator’s and objectives for natural search campaign.