Link Bait & Link Baiting

Everybody in the world of SEO wants links. Link bait has become one of the most effective ways to attract those links but lots of people don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a link worthy piece of text that’s going to appeal to the linkerati.

What Is Linkbait?

Relatively Unusual – Being unusual instantly makes something more linkable. Can we help you produce a guide to your sector that’s never been written before? Or do you have some data or research that contests a commonly held belief that we can compile into a whitepaper?

Permanent – There’s so much content out there but if you can produce something that has value over time it will attract links. If you’re confident in it and believe it will stand the test of time it is perfect link bait.

Better Content – In the simplest of terms the better the quality of content you produce the greater likelihood people will link to it. We’ve worked with companies either to ghost write or guide them when producing linkbait.

If you’d like to explore how we could produce content that attracts high quality natural links to your site get in touch.