SEO Meta Data & Title Tags

When advertising on search engines with pay per click you can send visitors through to a specific page deep within in the website which may otherwise go unnoticed.

However with natural listings the search engine decides which page the visitor should go through to. Therefore it is important that each page is rich in keywords and relevant content.

Using Your Title Tags To Rank Higher In Search Engines

The title tag is one of the greatest opportunities you have to tell search engines what your website is about. It’s the perfect place to include your keywords and helps the search engines tell the difference between the various pages on your website.

We tend to describe the title tag a bit like the tab you get on the top of a file in a filing cabinet. If they are vague or absent it makes it difficult to find what you are looking for, but if they are descriptive life for everyone gets much easier.

The Importance Of Meta Descriptions In SEO

The content you put in each pages’ meta description tag is invisible to users visiting the site, however it’s some of the most important text on your website.

When your website is returned in a search engine results page the meta description is the two lines that accompanies your listing and provides an introduction to your site. We use it as a place to ‘encourage the click’ with a strong call to action and a mention of your brand.

If a page is about ‘plastic blue fences’ make the page title (H1 tag) ‘plastic blue fences’ and include ‘plastic blue fences’ in the meta description and the meta title. Search engines read all of these but the customer only needs to see the title to know they are on the right page. It is important that each page contains unique meta data, such as keywords in the title and description which are relevant to the page. If you don’t Google will often penalise you.

If you’d like us to help you make more of your title tags and meta descriptions to help your SEO efforts call or email us and we’ll be able to help you straight away.