Social Media Community Management

Once you have an active social presence it is crucial to maintain this and to keep your fans and followers engaged with useful content that they will want to share. This means updating your posts regularly and monitoring for comments and questions to ensure these are responded to in a timely manner to ensure you remain visible. To find out more about Facebook’s Edgerank read Kelvin’s blog post.

As communities and active participation in social media networks are a relatively new addition to the marketing remit for most brands, it’s not entirely surprising that the role of a community or social media manager is something many companies struggle to successfully manage in-house.

Many marketers are concerned about the strain that the day-to-day running of forums and social networks will place on them as the responsibility of participating still very much lies with the marketing department.

Presently 40% do not have an individual dedicated to social media and do not expect to appoint one despite having decided to launch a social media campaign.

We understand the strain social media management can have on internal resources and are skilled and experienced at managing the social media communities of a number of clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

We will work closely with you to ensure your social media communities are kept up to date with regular and targeted content and moderated to keep your fans happy and reduce any risk to your reputation.

We insure we have a detailed content plan and response map that is signed off at every stage to ensure we are accurately representing your brand’s values and tone of voice and mitigating any of the risks associated with social media.

Get in touch now to find out how we can help you keep your social platforms up to date and maximise the value of them to your on-going marketing activity.  To find out how we helped Cactus Language with their on-going social media community management read the case study here.

How can we help you?

We currently offer a range of services that can be delivered separately or as an integrated campaign depending on your business objectives or budget.

Google and other search engines are putting more and more emphasis on social signals, user generated referrals and ratings, topical content and real-time posts.

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