Social Media Strategy

Having a clear long term strategy in place is key for a social media campaign to be effective. SiteVisibility can help you identify where social could assist with achieving your business objectives and can use it to reach and engage with your target audience.

Using our WHISPER™ Social Media strategy we employ an approach that listens to conversations online, identifies influencers, develops interesting stories and content, identifies important social media platforms, maps out an engagement plan and produces guidelines on how to respond online.

This enables us to share our content and outreach in the most effective way. The table below illustrates the various stages we go through when working on a social campaign.

Integration with offline Marketing and PR

We like to see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams and we have achieved great success on social campaigns by working closely with both marketing and PR teams of our clients.

Integration with offline marketing and events is an essential part of any social campaign and we like to make sure that any messages are also conveyed though the use of social media to promote the brand in real time.

How can we help you?

We currently offer a range of services that can be delivered separately or as an integrated campaign depending on your business objectives or budget.

Google and other search engines are putting more and more emphasis on social signals, user generated referrals and ratings, topical content and real-time posts.

Be part of it – get in touch with our Social Media team today: 01273 733 433.