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SiteVisibility recognises that sometimes businesses and agencies want to upskill their own in-house teams. In the world of search and as an agency ourselves, we’re keen that more people understand the nitty-gritty of internet marketing. We filter the noise in the world of digital marketing to distil out what’s important and help turn that insight into actionable marketing tactics. We then share that knowledge through our podcast, our blog, our training and BrightonSEO.

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Bespoke Digital Marketing Training Courses

Fundamentals of Onsite SEO:
If you’ve come across SEO before, you’ll know that a lot of what determines where you appear on Google is down to your website. This training course takes you through all you need to know to start making the changes to your site to rank better on Google and Bing. It covers how to carry out keyword research, how to optimise title tags and spot the potential roadblocks that might be preventing you from ranking on the search engines.

Fundamentals of Link Building:
It’s not just what you do on your site which helps you rank on search engines; what people say about you on other sites has a huge influence on where you rank for any search term. This workshop gives you the tools and skills required to start building the links the search engines love. It’s not geeky or techy and could make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business.

Social Media for Beginners:
We all know social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn can work well to promote businesses, but what do you need to do to help them promote your business? We’ll teach you the practical steps to getting started in social media and what you need to do to start generating sales or leads.

Advanced Social Media:
Perhaps you’ve already set up your Facebook Page or Twitter account and got a few followers, but now what? We’ll take you beyond the basics and show you exactly what you need to do to take your social media to the next level. We’ll cover topics like how to track the number of leads or sales you get from social media as well as in-depth practical guides to the most popular social media sites.

Google Analytics for Beginners:
There’s a free tool out there which helps you measure how well your website is working and whether you’re getting value for money from your online marketing? Want to know if Facebook send you more sales than Twitter? Want to know which pages of your site your visitors love and which ones they hate? Want to quickly increase the number of people making sales or enquiries without getting more traffic? You can do all of these with Google Analytics; we’ll show you how.

Facebook Marketing:
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites and has huge potential to deliver traffic, sales and enquiries for your business but how? We’ll take you from the beginning stages of creating a Facebook Account, through how to get people to like your page all the way to create a great campaign with huge ROI.

LinkedIn Marketing:
Facebook and Twitter are great but if you work in the world of B2B Marketing you’re probably much better spending your time marketing your business through LinkedIn. Want to reach the sales directors of your ideal customers? On LinkedIn that’s an easy job. Want to demonstrate thought leadership and differentiate yourself from your competitors? LinkedIn can be a great option.

Twitter Marketing:
Twitter is the hottest social networking site out there, but how do you turn 140 character updates into paying customers? We’ll take you through the steps of setting up a company account, how to save time and be more efficient with the service, how to get your updates retweeted more frequently and spread your marketing messages further and wider.

Basics of PPC:
Pay Per Click Advertising is still one of the quicker and most cost efficient ways of marketing your business online. This course will take you through the best practice of setting up an account and how to very quickly start generating traffic that creates amazing ROI. We’ll cover how to choose the best keywords, how Google differs from Bing or Yahoo, plus extra features that will help you stand out from the competition.

SEO Copywriting:
There’s a certain style and approach to copywriting that the search engines love. If you can write your content in this way you’ll rank better on Google and the chances are you’ll get more links as well. The workshop covers how to choose the right keywords for your content and how you can include them in your copy so bother the users and the search engines love it.

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IMG 7932 2 Training & Public Speaking Events

Our bi-annual event which attracts over 2,000 digital marketing experts to the Brighton Dome is a fantastic place to learn more about the world of search. The 2 day event is comprised of a 1 day conference and a 1 day workshop event, where you can learn skills from the very best trainers in the business – a must for any digital marketer!

Next Show – September 12-13th 2013
Venue – Brighton Dome
Click here to find out more about BrightonSEO 

content marketing show Training & Public Speaking Events

Our bi-annual event which has become exceptionally popular thanks to the importance of high quality content that businesses need to produce in order to drive exceptional results. This 2 day event comprises of a day of workshops targeted specifically towards content creation. There’s also the Content Marketing Show which showcases some of the thought leaders within the field to showcase their findings and knowledge through a succession of talks on stage.

Next Event: November 8th, 2013
Where: Institute of Education, Russell Square, London
How Much: TBC
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measurefest blog image Training & Public Speaking Events

This October we’re proudly announcing our newest conference which dedicates itself to analytics, marketing measurement and conversion rate optimisation.  This 2 day event comprises of a day of workshops which will give you actionable information, tactics and strategies to take back to the office. There’s also the MeasureFest conference which showcases some of the industry’s key figures when it comes to marketing measurement as they share knowledge and insights through a whole host of different presentations live on stage.

Next Event: October 16th-17th, 2013
Where: Institute of Education, Russell Square, London
How Much: £350 Workshop Tickets
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Past Events and Participant Feedback:

Travel Technology Show 2012
CAT Publications Training Courses
Think Visibility 

“Social Media for the Events Industry” CAT Publications Master Class

November, 2011

This course was given the following scores in a survey completed by participants after the course:

How enjoyable/interesting was the programme?
70.4% gave it the highest rating.

How would you rate the programme overall?
48% gave the course a 5/5 rating, and 48% gave a 4/5 rating.

How would you rate: Kelvin Newman’s knowledge?
77.8% gave Kelvin the highest possible rating.

100% said they would recommend the course to others.


April, 2011

“Thank you very much for participating in the speaking programme at the ICMA “Classifieds: Recipes for Success” conference in Nice this past week. I hope you enjoyed meeting once again and that you made some further interesting contacts which will prove valuable in the future.

I have waded through the delegate feedback forms and I am pleased to inform you that you received a rating of 94% for relevancy with the same percentage wanting to hear more. It is no surprise that your session was one of the top overall rated sessions once again. One of the comments received stated “Kelvin Rocks!” Well done!”