Social media helps funeral director continue its legacy of supporting communities

SiteVisibility works with CPJ Field & Co to embrace online communication channels

Moving with the times and embracing new marketing trends has been instrumental in the ongoing success of CPJ Field, a family-owned funeral director which can trace its history of helping and supporting the bereaved throughout Southern England dating back to the late 1600s. The Sussex-based business has appointed SiteVisibility, a leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media agency, to implement a full SEO and Social Media strategy for its web presence to ensure it meets the needs of a clientele that embraces social media.

Following a thorough SEO and Social Media audit of CPJ Field & Co’s online offering, SiteVisibility has designed a comprehensive Integrated Search campaign covering the company’s main commercial website along with a number of sites which target their local audiences.

With more than 30 funeral homes situated across East and West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Dorset, Buckinghamshire and South West London, an essential element of the campaign for CPJ Field & Co is ensuring that local keywords are targeted and this has been incorporated into the overall strategy. SiteVisibility will also carry out a full social media audit to establish any new online communication avenues the funeral director may wish to pursue in order to engage with clients.

Upon awarding the campaign to SiteVisibility, CPJ Field & Co Director Charlie Field said: “SiteVisibility has earned a solid reputation for effective Search Marketing and introduced us to our web designer so were the natural choice for us. In order to continue the success of the business and the CPJ Field tradition which has been in place for hundreds of years, it is vital that we keep in touch with the latest marketing and communication trends and this SEO and Social Media campaign will ensure we are able to do this effectively.”

Jason Woodford, Chief Executive of SiteVisibility, added: “Social media is still a relatively new area for the funeral industry in the UK, with few funeral directors currently embracing the opportunities that social media marketing offers. Forward thinking has long been the secret to the success of CPJ Field & Co and we are delighted to be working with them to ensure that their SEO and Social Media campaign is delivered successfully while acknowledging the sensitive nature of their business.”