Social Media Marketing For Recruiters

The way we use the web is changing. People are becoming more sophisticated in the way they interact with the internet, and as broadband penetration reaches 60% in the UK, a significant proportion of the population is going to have high speed un-metered web access conveniently in their lounge, office, via their TV or on their mobile phone.

These developments have encouraged an online conversation or interaction, which has become known as “social media”. This evolution threatens to drastically alter the way we consume the internet. For some businesses this presents a very real risk that could undermine their business model and ability to attract customers; however for others it offers an unprecedented opportunity for growth and profit.

Recruiters are uniquely positioned to take advantage of these opportunities. Many already appreciate the value of an online presence and many operate only over the internet. A brave and forward thinking strategy can enable them to engage with their candidates unlike ever before.

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