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March 2012

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It's been a busy month here at SiteVisibility! We've been featured in a number of magazines like Onrec, where Kelvin was discussing future trends in online recruitment, Fresh Business Thinking, where we were featured alongside The Share Centre talking about the importance of Search and Social to any marketing campaign and B2B Marketing, where the subject is companies' Social Media restrictions. You can see the rest of our recent coverage on our site.

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Sharing Knowledge

Kelvin was at CAT Publications hosting a masterclass on "Social Media for the Events Industry". This classroom based training session for event owners and managers explained how social media can be used to maximise the attendance and success of your event, highlighting new tools, what works, the risks and how to avoid them. The next one is coming up on 29th June, so book here or call us to arrange your own tailored Social Media Training Session.

Graeme and Jo did a "Tactical Social Media" Webinar Introducing how to incorporate social media into your current marketing strategy. They went through a variety of sites, like Google+, Facebook and Twitter and shared some of their thoughts on why social is such an important tool to reach your audience.

The next scheduled webinar will be in May, however, due to the positive response we will be adding a number of social media site specific webinars over the coming months. So if you would like to learn more about Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or which tools are best for planning events, head over to our LinkedIn group and vote in the poll as we will be using this data to determine which topic to focus on next.

BrightonSEO Workshops:
We've still got spaces left on our BrightonSEO workshops. We know that you'll learn a lot, but you'll also get a ticket to the now sold out BrightonSEO the next day, 13th April.

PR: Closing the Loop on SEO & social media
Chris Lee - VP of Digital, Emanate PR

Advanced Google Analytics for Search Marketers
Dara Fitzgerald - Head of Insight, FreshEgg

Introduction to Coding Your Own SEO Tools
Dom Hodgson - CEO, Ember Ads

Matrix Mayhem: A Project Management Masterclass
Steve Stark - Director, People Who Do

Accelerated Productivity - One Day to Clarity and Control
Curtis James - Director, People Who Do

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Integrated Search Innovation

We've had lots of insightful interviews and training happening this month on the blog, with podcasts about "Increasing the Reach of Your Email Marketing: Interview with Guy Hanson" who was discussing how to design the most successful email marketing campaigns; "What is Inbound Marketing with Brian Whalley" which is an important subject for both traditional and digital marketers alike; and "Must Read Marketing Books with James Carson" where a number of influential marketing books, both recent and classics, were discussed.

As for blog posts, Graeme's Travel Technology Show presentation explained how to design your multi-lingual Search campaign to maximise your SEO success when you move into a new country including the use of foreign language sites, whilst Lyndsey's ABC's of SEO post about Reputation Management was widely read as it explored issues to consider in a particularly important field for companies and individuals alike. The internet doesn't forget!

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Think Beyond The Click

In 2011, STV asked SiteVisibility to assist in their social media activity as SiteVisibility has worked with STV managing their SEO and PPC campaigns for a variety of their sites. To create the guidelines and strategy, SiteVisibility undertook research, staff consultation, designing best practice procedures and giving internal training to help embed the new procedures into the way STV work.

Some areas the guidelines cover are:

  • Explaining the importance of transparency when dealing with the public;
  • How to share the correct information;
  • Why acknowledging and correcting mistakes promptly if they do occur is imperative;
  • The importance of accuracy and personal responsibility for acting on the company's behalf;

"We are very pleased with the Social Media guidelines that SiteVisibility has created for us. It has simplified and organised our Social Media activity in a rapidly growing and complex area of corporate communications"
Gill Petrie, Multi-Platform Marketing Manager, STV

For more information about these results, please read our case studies.

From all of us here at SiteVis, including the newest character to arrive in our ThinkTank, have a great month!

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