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October 2011

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It seems that every month is a busy one in the Think Tank, and September was no exception, thanks to an expanding team, new clients and a cluster of conferences and events. We have welcomed new clients Kafevend, Macs Adventure and The Financial Management Centre this month, as well as finding time for Brighton Digital Marketing Festival, our own BrightonSEO and Wired Sussex Open Studios.

BrightonSEO was a big success, complete with controversial and insightful talks which provoked much clapping, adoration, controversy, scepticism and wonderment. Much of that content is now available on the blog. If you didn’t manage to get a free ticket for the event this time, then make sure you subscribe to the BrightonSEO mailing list so you don't miss out next time.

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People in the Think Tank

The Think Tank has expanded this month, as we have welcomed Dominick Taylor and James Farr into the team.

The Daytona Search Innovation Seminar was a great event, with some interesting presentations complimenting a super-competitive go kart race. Hats off to Chris Baker for winning.

Truus took a brave leap of faith, thanks to new clients Extreme Element, while Graeme kayaked across the Great Glenn in Scotland. The Think Tank is still growing! If you’re an inquisitive person with an interest in search marketing, we are recruiting.

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Site Visibility News

Integrated Search Innovation

In digital marketing it's really important to stay on top of latest developments and trends, and Kelvin helps us to do that by posting innovative Internet Marketing Podcasts about future trends in search, the power of spreadsheets, Google+, and the False Consensus Effect as well as screencasts about getting links from guest posts, creating a podcast, video hosting, how to use Blekko and link anchor text.

On the blog we managed to publish BrightonSEO presentations, slides and write-ups for those who missed the event, while Simon wrote a great piece about our favourite Twitter tools, Graeme shared a presentation about Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics, and our ABC's of SEO series continued with G is for Grammar.

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Sharing Knowledge

If you're eager for knowledge, then you can hear Kelvin speaking at a4uexpo, an Affiliate and Performance Marketing Conference in London, on Tuesday the 18th of October with a presentation about ‘The Science of Influence & Engagement’

Kelvin is also speaking at the Local Social Summit; 'Exploring the Intersection of Local and Social Media' in London, taking part in a search vs. social panel debate on Wednesday the 9th of November.

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