new ebook image ABCs of SEO An Introduction To Digital Marketing (eBook)

Every business wants to have the best possible visibility online  in order to sell their products and services. Improving your site visibility requires a site which is well optimised and it also needs SEO knowledge in order to make it a success.  This year we’ve decided to create an eBook which includes the fundamentals of SEO or as we call it – The ABCs of SEO.

ebook cover1 ABCs of SEO An Introduction To Digital Marketing (eBook)

This is an introduction to digital marketing where we take you through a guided tour of everything you need to know in order to improve your site visibility online. We begin with Google Analytics and move through each chapter onto a variety of digital marketing topics including keyword research, local SEO optimisation, online reputation management, URL structures and finally we stop off at the Google Zoo.

The aim of this eBook is that we hope you’ll learn at least one aspect (if not 26!) of digital marketing that you didn’t know before. All profits from the sale of this eBook will go to the NSPCC as part of SiteVisibility’s CSR projects.

To download the eBook please follow the link below:
ABCs of SEO: An Introduction To Digital Marketing




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