How you can take advantage of the Search Engine Marketing Skills Shortage To Get An Internet Marketing Job

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Google has become famous the world over, their success has led to them becoming the world’s most important search engine. However many people might not be so aware of the group of companies offering internet marketing, website promotion & search engine optimisation to help websites appear higher in the rankings of Google and the other search engines.

The success of Sergey Brin & Larry Page, since they set up Google, has been unprecedented. The company has had revenues in excess of $7 billion in 2006 and wrapped up search engine business in the UK. 78% of all internet searches in Great Britain are carried out via Google, because of this increasing dominance it has made it really important for companies to appear in the search engine results.

This demand to feature in search engines has led to a number of firms springing up to help websites and companies to promote and market themselves online. As a relatively new form of marketing most of the firms remain quite small but are growing at a fast pace. However the people with the combination of skills needed to work in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are quite scarce providing an excellent opportunity for graduates & job seekers.

Why is there a skills shortage? SEM is different to traditional forms of marketing because it requires a reasonable level of understanding of the technical aspects behind the web, combined with more traditional analytical & marketing skills. The online advertising market has grown by 60% every year for the last three years; as a consequence, the demand for experienced staff has far outstripped supply. This offers a great opportunity for job seekers. There aren’t any formal qualifications needed for search engine marketing so experience can be really valuable for candidates looking for a creative job role.

What is good about a career in Search Engine Marketing? Not only would you be able to tap into a new industry with serious growth potential but you would also have a rewarding job with opportunities to work with interesting clients from all around the business world. If you are the kind of person who enjoys communicating people and has a passion for the internet the industry would be perfect.

Tips for getting a job in Search Engine Market – As there is little in the way of formal qualification for Internet Marketing & Website Promotion, your best chance of getting a job in the sector is by having some relevant experience.

Register and set up a blog – lots of employees automatically search online anyone who applies for a job. It’s much better if they find a professional site with your CV & examples of your experience than a message on a friend’s myspace profile. If you set up a free blog as well it will give you a chance to show your understanding on the industry, as well as hone your writing skills (Always useful for a career in marketing.)

Read other blogs & websites in the industry – not surprisingly there are lots of useful internet marketing websites & blogs already out there. Have a scout round for a few, many are updated regularly with real in-depth information about how to promote websites. They are much easier to digest than books and often much more relevant and up to date. I’d throughly reccomend Andy Beal & Jordan McCollum ‘s, Lyndoman, Aaron Wall, Rand Fishkin & Danny Sulivan

Get involved with exisiting websites – you might already be involved with a student radio station, newspaper or another club or society. If you offer to help with their website it can help you understand some of the technical aspects of the web and give you a chance to try out some of the tips and techniques you have learnt from other websites.

Offer to help a local charity or business – the best way to show a potential employer that you could promote & market a website is to provide them with an example of where you have used you skills in the past. If there is a local charity or a friend of your family who owns a small business, they would be really grateful for your insight into how they can appear higher in the search engine results.

Approach SEM firms about work experience – while most of the big traditional marketing & media firms will have work experience schemes they can often end up wasting your time. Because most search marketing firms are still relatively small often they would really appreciate some additional help from a work experience of intern. As the companies are more personal it’s far more likely you’ll get the chance to get involved with some interesting projects; in this kind of environment your work and effort is a lot more likely to be noticed and may well lead to a job offer down the line.

Enjoy the web as you normally would – by just using the web naturally you can easily learn to appreciate how some sites do well at marketing themselves and others don’t.

Search Engine Marketing is a growing sector which offers really great opportunities for those interested in marketing and promotion. With relevant experience and enthusiasm is easy to find a great job.

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