Why a Search Engine Marketer would win the Apprentice

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As any of you who have had a pint with me will probably heard me tell you 6 or 7 times about my small claim to fame. Unexpectedly I got through the first stage of auditions for the UK’s version of “[tag]The Apprentice[/tag]” a couple of years ago.

[tag]Rand Fishkin[/tag], [tag]Danny Sullivan[/tag], [tag]Aaron Wall[/tag] & [tag]Andy Beal[/tag] – You’re Fired – via flickr

The day before my second interview I got offered my job at Zoo & Arena and decided I wasn’t cut out for the thrusting world of Tre & The Badger. To be honest I wouldn’t have got any further, I like to think I’m too normal to be reality TV fodder; however I think a more outgoing search marketer would find [tag]Alan Sugar[/tag] or [tag]Donald Trump[/tag] and the show a walk in the park.

They Know How To Sell – every year sales people do great in the show. When it comes to 24 hour tasks, knowing how to get your products in the hands of customers is essential. Though most search marketers aren’t on the phone all day flogging stuff, they still know how to sell. Whether it’s pitching their consultancy skills to potential clients or coming up with ingenious ad copy for Adwords, they know how to get people to buy.

Understand How People Think – understanding psychology is an under-rated skill in the internet marketing arena. The best keyword research comes from thinking laterally about the different ways people look for the same thing. Similarly, understanding how certain search terms indicate specific intent, which you can reflect in a landing page, you are showing an understanding of how people work. This kind of talent would be hugely valuable in an Apprentice candidate, working out what people would and wouldn’t buy; whether an idea has potential or pretty much anything is easier if you understand psychology.

Creative To The Core – writing copy for linkbait, producing meta tags and writing a persuasive link request are all creative processes. Inventiveness & creativity is at a premium when it comes to some of the frankly ridiculous tasks dished out by Sir Alan & Trump

Knows how to Work Within A Fixed Framework – when it comes to the tasks the participants don’t usually have the freedom to choose any idea they like. (Which perhaps explains a few of the more far fetched plans) seems a bit like the controlling frame work of AdWords or the guidelines of Google. Having a clear framework to work within would be the perfect practice for the TV show.

Knows How To Brand themselves – in search marketing you’re reputation is everything. Satisfied customers recommend you to other potential clients. Lots consultants regularly present at events and deliver workshops. They often blog sharing their unique personality and quite often their ugly mug shot (See mine third on the left). Just the kind of quiet self-confidence that the winners of the UK’s Apprentice usually have in abundance.

I don’t know if the auditions for the next season, in the UK or states has finished, but I definitely think a search marketer would stand a great chance of winning.

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