7 Types of SEO Blogger – Which are You?

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Old Bill Shakespeare reckoned there were Seven Ages of Man, I’m not brave enough to start an argument with the bard, but I also reckon there are seven types of [tag]SEO Blogger[/tag].

Billy Shakespeare, So famous they name a pub after him – via flickr

Whether you like it or not, the chances are you’ll fall into one of these categories.

Flame-baiter – you know the type, never happier than when they are calling someone out for making a mistake or being hypocritical. Some of their targets are easy, everyone loves a story criticising their favourite bogeyman. It makes great [tag]link bait[/tag], but they’re always as sweet as pie to the victims face.

Ranter – not that far removed from the flame baiter, they love to moan, whether it’s a change in the Google algo, a difficult clients or even the weather. There’s no pleasing these guys or girls. [tag]Blogging [/tag]can be really cathartic but sometimes I wish they would cheer up and chill out a little.

Echo Master – there’s so many Bloggers out there its hard to have anything original to say, that doesn’t mean you have to just repeat people. Nobody likes a cut & paste merchant; unless they are sending you their link-love, in that case they’re your best mate!

Obvious State-er – this is the trap I fall into most often, telling people what they already know. Does the world really need another generic guide to link building? If you’ve got nothing exciting to say, it’s best to keep quiet.

Once-a-month-er – lots of great ideas, sometimes excellent posts but not very often. We are all busy, but if you can’t knock a few posts out a month or it’s hardly worth bothering.

The Sell Out – maybe they’ve got addicted to the filthy lucre of pay per post or they are constantly tweaking their layout to get you to accidentally clicking on their Adsense. Either way they can quickly get on your nerves.

Self-Promoter – everyone is blogging for a reason, there’s no shame in it, at Apple Pie & Custard we’re hoping you link to us so it’ll be easier for clients to find Site Visibility, but we are hoping we’re reasonably subtle about it, rather than harping on what great services we offer.

We all fall into the traps now and then, but fingers crossed we aren’t the worst culprits!

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