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I’ve been back at work for a fortnight after having a few days off to put up some shelves and squeeze sofas through doors in my new flat. And it’s only after two whole weeks that I’ve finally caught up with all my RSS feeds.

I’ll start on the paperwork as soon as I finish clearing my feeds – via flickr

I’ve skim read a lot more than I usually would and pruned any sites that had nothing useful, but there’s still hundreds of decent website’s I’m subscribed to.

It really made me realise quite how much effort we are going to have to make in our re-launch to stand out. But that isn’t down-heartening it’s a challenge and helped me come up with the following manifesto. I can’t promise we’ll always stick to it but you can be sure we are trying.

Don’t Say Anything that could be said elsewhere – there’s a lot of people out there writing great content about marketing via search engines or social media so our content has got to be unique. It can’t just be the same. We’d like to make the content so unique that you could strip it of all our branding and regular readers would still know it came from us.

Be proud to be British – So many of the great SEO blogs are American, that’s not to say there aren’t a wealth of brilliant UK search marketers blogging. But we want Apple Pie and Custard to reflect the UK market and how we do things slightly differently to our friends over the Atlantic. They might be better than us at just about every sport but I think we can take them on this one!

For Clients as well as the industry – when we were talking about re-launching Apple Pie and Custard we were torn between writing our blog for the industry or for potential clients not so au fait with the ins & outs of SEO. In the end we decided there’s no reason we can’t do both. We want every piece we write to be useful to everyone, whether they are the most jaded black hat or inquisitive small business owner.

Not take ourselves too seriously – A lot of people are scared when they are blogging, on behalf of their business, that they have to be ultra-professional. We’re not going to get into a flame war with anyone, but we are going to try and have plenty of light hearted banter and a bit of a laugh.

Add to the debate, not just echo it – there’s some great news websites out there cover search and online marketing, we’re not trying to replicate what they are doing. When we do cover news we are going to add some in-depth analysis using our unique experience not just cutting and pasting Danny Sullivan.

Give something back – at [tag]Site Visibility[/tag] we’ve all learnt loads from reading blogs about search engine marketing. It might sound corny but we wouldn’t mind giving something back. It’s a cleverly worked out plan; we’re hoping if you get something useful out of the blog next time you see us you’ll buy us a pint.


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