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We’ve been giving Apple Pie and Custard quite a bit of attention since our move from Blogger to WordPress. Although it’s only been two months we’ve been really impressed with the community and attention we’ve been able to attract. We’d always like a few more subscribers (sign up here, go on you know you want to!) but that’s because we’re an ambitious lot.

There are certain rules that must always be obeyed – via flickr

Since the re-launch I think myself, Eloi and the rest of the team have learnt quite a lot about blogging and developed a unique voice. When we started out, I posted up what could best be described as a manifesto which I think we’ve stuck to pretty well, but I think what we’ve been trying to achieve can be summed up quite well by these blogging mantras. While they have been quite useful to me, a lot of bloggers in any niche would be wise to bear them in mind.

Read less, write more – it’s overwhelming how many great blogs on internet marketing are out there. So many in fact, reading them can quickly take up all the time not allocated to client work. It’s important you are aware of the conversations taking place, you wouldn’t be doing your job as a blogger if you were writing in isolation, but it’s important not to get bogged down in what other people are saying and write nothing yourself. It’s something I personally struggle with but everyday I try and get nearer the perfect balance.

There’s no such thing as a throwaway post – sometimes it can be tempting to quickly write out a post and put it live straight away, however we are finding sometime it’s better for an idea to percolate for a few days to be certain you are absolutely sure about your point of view and argument. Rand Fishkin has recently found out how something which seems like a good idea now might not seem so wise the following day*

Don’t fall into the same traps as blogs I don’t like – there are a few pre-eminent bloggers out there who’s opinion I really value and who’s insight is invaluable. However despite this a few niggles make me constantly consider unsubscribing from their feed. The reasons vary; but at the moment my pet hate is negativity. If a client of ours loses a valuable ranking I don’t see it as a personal affront from Google but as a cue to experiment with our tactics and up our efforts. I hope that kind of negative attitude never finds its way into our blog and frustrates our readers.

Better to disagree and be wrong occasionally than play it safe and agree – I don’t think we’re too controversial but the last thing we want to do is be a boring blog reciting what we’ve read elsewhere. The confidence to speak your mind is what marks out the must read blogs from those that languish in Google Reader unread. When we’ve got something we feel needs said, we won’t be scared to say it.

*Personally I don’t think Rand was wrong to out those selling links, especially when their purpose is clearly to manipulate search rankings. However I think even Rand himself would admit he should have realised there would be many vocal members of his readership who would disagree which maybe should have altered his stance.

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